Josh Collard, better known as the front man for Melbourne metalcore outfit Earth Caller, has a new project in the works. Josh recently released a new track, Throne, under the banner JCZA. Curious I reached out to find out what Josh was up to.

 Hey Josh thanks for taking the time to chat to me. Digging Throne by the way.

Thank you very much Suze! 

You’ve just released “Throne” under the banner JCZA. How did this come about? And where is it going?

It sort of began a long time ago rapping with friends for fun. A lot of mates said I should do it seriously. 

In 2018 I was introduced to my producer Svnti and we began working on music together. He helped me shape my sound from the ground up and we made beats and recorded the tracks all together from scratch. 

As far as where this is going – I think the best description would be a very dark, gritty and melodic sound and as I release more and more tracks you will hear that vision become more defined

Is this a one-off release or is there more to come?

Much Much more to come. 

I’ve got a series of releases which I’ll be drip feeding out as time passes. I really hope people like the direction and progression with the sound. 

You have a couple of guest artist featured on Throne. Is that something that will continue? Or will this mostly be a solo project?

Collaboration is big for me on this project. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work some great artists from Australia and abroad and I’ll endeavour to always collaborate on this project. That’s the best thing about rap. 

If you’ve heard Throne you’ll know how cool Andre Jemal’s feature he wrote is and how much it has enhanced the song. 

Big shout out to my man for making the song a bopper!

CZA1?? Care to elaborate on that?

CZA1 is the first collection of music I’ll release. 

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who’s already checked it out and left some very kind words of support in the comments and DM’s. I feel very lucky to have received such a warm welcome. 

If you hear the music and you wanna get behind it please follow all the socials, YouTube account and triple J unearth and like/share/comment/review. 

Big love everyone and big love to you too Suze! ❤ 

Check out Throne and hit up JCZA via the links below:




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