Judo CHOP!

Our technology allows us to connect to millions of others but it is for nothing if we cannot communicate effectively and listen to one another with an empathetic heart and mind. An antithetical anthem for today’s dualistic, tribalist society.

This is a pretty powerful statement and Judo CHOP! (you need to say it just like this!) want you to hear it. ‘Disconnected’ is the first taste we have of Judo CHOP!’s upcoming EP ‘Shelf Life’ which will be released on Friday 2nd July.

The film clip accompanying Disconnected is just as fast paced as the song, A lone figure presenting a section of the lyrics in Auslan (Australian sign language) really impacts the message of the single. Technology connects us but also makes us lose the ability to not only listen when someone speaks, it also reminds us that through that communication we miss the other cues and nuances that you only get with face to face interaction.  

Like a crushing death blow of guitars and drums, delivered with inimitable cutting vocals, Judo CHOP! will have your punk rock tendencies fighting in a headlock of air, as they deliver blow after blow of precision three part harmonised guitar riffs at blistering speed!

With raw, authentic Australian vocals out front, Murray McDonald delivers a sound and song unique to he alone, giving Judo CHOP! a truly original sound all their own. This team of experienced punk rock Judoka have been very busy in the Dojo for the last 12 months, forming in December 2018, training hard and producing their debut 6 track EP with Sensei, Sam Johnson @ Holes & Corners Recording Studio in South Melbourne!

Judo CHOP! is made up of various parts, but according the band is AT LEAST 50% shred. The Vocalist position is held by Murray McDonald, Shred 1 & Back up vox is Johnny Beech, Shred 2 post is taken by Sam Howard, the Shred 3 (bonus radness slot) is known as Aaron Braddock, the Bottom End is owned by Andre Vikas and Ollie DW is the Human Metronome.



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