If you missed Kaskeid’s latest single drop ‘Drifter’ a few weeks back then you need to rectify that and go and take a listen. I think what excited me most about these guys is that they have three vocalists with three different styles who absolutely nail the fuck out of this song.

Mitch, James and I sat down so I could learn some more about this band that I have slept on!!

Welcome! Where have Kaskeid been hiding??

Mitch: We have been a bit quiet for the last two years. We were actually sitting on something for a quite a while which was ‘Drifter’, the music video was shot I think a year ago. We have just been trying to get the timing right and get all the ducks in a row.

Lucky the ducks didn’t line up at the beginning of last year!

Mitch: I’m glad we waited it out. We have more stuff coming very, very soon so hopefully we can build that momentum again.

The new single is fantastic. When I jumped on to Spotify and saw you had other stuff on there I was pleasantly surprised.

Mitch: This was the first release we have been able to put PR behind as well which has really helped. We have two EP’s already and when we released those we had little to no clue. We were just keen on making music and putting it out. We put it out without knowing what PR even was. I think three days after w3e released the second EP we heard about Collison Course and a couple of other PR companies. We hit them up about maybe helping us push it a bit and it was basically no because you have to do it before and get that build up! We made sure this time that we would put the money and effort in.

There’s a lot to learn around promoting your music. I’m guessing you have played a few gigs then.

Mitch: Yeah we have. Our first show was a few years ago. We’ve been able to play with a couple of national and international bands. We’ve played with Awaken I Am, Slaves from the US, Secrets, Windwaker and then a few headline shows. The first one at The Burdekin sold out which was good, so we are hoping to do that again very soon for the next show.

You said you had more music coming? Is there an album/EP in the works?

Mitch: Oh yeah definitely new music. No album or Ep for now, we want to drip feed for a little bit to build that momentum.

What is the story behind Drifter?

Mitch: Maybe James can take this one.

James: Where do I start. In terms of the song writing, musically, Will our guitarist and producer came up with the track. He also mixes and masters everything that we do. We didn’t have cleans to start with just my vocals. Lyrically I like to write about what I am going through at the time. It’s about a person from my past, its pretty deep with simple words. That is how I would explain it. Only I really know the true meaning of what I am singing.

Song writing is often a very personal journey, for want of a better word, and people take their own meanings from the lyrics.

Mitch: Some of those songs are often the most powerful when you are drawing from that personal experience.

Absolutely. And like you said James, it has simple wording, so people take their own interpretation from that.

James: Growing up listening to metal, when vocalists screamed their lyrics, every line was like a statement. It flowed as a whole but if you took just one line from one of the songs and applied it to your life, woah. It’s very statement driven. I don’t know what to call it.

People don’t understand why I listen to metal, I get the screaming comment all the time. How can you understand what they are saying?? My reply is always go and read the lyrics to the song.

James: 100%

Even though metal is in your face the lyrics are always meaningful.

James: Metal has always had a connection with people. It’s always relatable to people. My background is Fijian/Tongan so it’s “unnatural” for a Pacific Islander to be in this scene, it’s not normal.  When people ask me why do I do it. Why do I scream and why do I listen to that sort of music my first response is always that it hits home for me. Whenever I listen to bands and I listen to their lyrics, its always relatable or some other connection. I feel like they are always talking about something big or great, things that they have been through that can help other people.

A lot of songs are around mental health.

James: It’s so crazy because people on the outside have this perception of us n the metal scene that we are suicidal, we have no life and that we are in our own little bubble and not here to help anyone else. That is so not true.

The metal community would have to be one of the most supportive communities I have ever been a part of.

James: I’m just going to be open here. I am a Christian and I can tell you now I have had more love for people outside in the metal scene than I have from the church. Which is crazy. I’m proud that we get to do this, we are able to do this not just as a band but as a family. Like me, Mitchell and the other lads have been playing music together since high school. Like a long time. Me, Mitchell, Joey and Ethan grew up in church together playing church music. Being disciplined as musicians is something that comes easy to us, we are very tight, and people notice that.

Mitchell: It’s a different world in the church. I have played in other bands; I had a band in high school with Will. He was one of my best mates in high school, he still is. Playing in bands through high school was one thing but when I joined the church and started playing with them and serving that way, there is something about being in that environment that really connects you as a band. You have backing tracks; you have a music director and there is so much going on and you have to improvise a lot. You really have to know your stuff. You have to be able to come up with stuff on the spot, you need to be able to lead and follow as well. That translates all those skills and experiences. Playing in front of large crowds as well. All of that experience and skill translate to us playing.

It’s set the foundation for the band.

Mitchell: Yeah.

Okay let’s talk about you guys having three vocalists because the vibe you guys put out with that blew me away.

James: Thanks. Originally it was just Ethan and I, I don’t actually remember how it came about that Joey sings on the track. I think we were just experimenting.

Mitchell: Yeah we were just in the studio.

James: It kind of worked out. So now we have the two brothers in Ethan and Joey both singing cleans. Then you have this big black guy just screaming!!

It was a damn good experiment because it sounds sick. It wasn’t until I watched the film clip that I was like shit there are three vocalists.

James: I was shocked by Joey’s vocals.

Mitchell: I think we all were.

James: Joey has never sung; I don’t think he has ever sung in front of anyone. Then he came and just did it, he hit notes that I thought he couldn’t hit. I think a lot of people were surprised. He’s lucky though because his wife is a singer, you need to check her out.  She is a freak singer and is helping Joey which is so good. She needs to give us all some lessons.

Last words

James: We are working on new things, its been two years since our last release. I feel like we have grown a lot since the last EP, especially through Covid. It has given us time and space.

How has ‘Drifter’ been received, I forgot to ask that!

Mitchell: It has been very well received, especially in comparison to our other stuff. It’s definitely our most successful release and it hasn’t even been out for a month. Our Spotify listeners base has grown, it has gone from 50 to 300, which doesn’t seem much but for us it is. We all do stuff outside of the band but one of the things that we can all apply to every area of our life is to not compare ourselves to other people but to compare yourself to who you were yesterday.  So to go from 50 to 300 shows that there is traction, people are enjoying our music. I think half of the people that have listened to the song have saved it which we really appreciate. It’s in more playlists than any other song of ours and it has been listened to in country’s that we have never heard of. We have higher ambitions and I think that is going to be reflected in what is to come over the next few months. As musicians and a group we have high standards for ourselves. But yeah there is definitely new music coming very soon. And if we can just put something out there we just want to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone that has given us feedback, spun the track or shared it around.

‘Drifter’ is out now and it’s a banger.



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