I think the best thing about what I do is having bands I haven’t heard of before crossing my desk. Kaskeid are definitely in the category of ‘slept on another one!’ The Sydneysiders have just released a new single ‘Drifter’ which immediately caught my attention.

The intro to Drifter in no way prepared me for what was to come. What I love the most about this song is that there are three vocalists with three different styles and they absolutely make this track what it is. Written by Kaskeid and Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Will Thackray. The video was directed, filmed & edited by Gareth McGilvray.

James Temo, vocalist for Kaskeid, said that this new track is “…about learning to dedicate time to the things in life you truly take for granted. We all get stuck in our daily work lives, hobbies, ambitions and side hustles but tend to forget the little things that we are around every day. Drifter is a story about realising this from a personal struggle – you sometimes don’t know what you have until it’s gone. This song walks through personal experiences that have happened in our lives and we hope it can resonate with yours too.

Kaskeid burst onto the scene in late 2017 with “Where My Heart Belongs”, and 2018 saw the 5-piece enter the studio to work on their debut EP ‘Helical’. The Sydneysiders sought to tell their story and sonically illustrate both the divide & bond that our human emotions can share.

2018 also saw the release of the ‘Eclipse’ EP, which opened the door to head out on their first tour, where they sold out their first headline show on the Sydney leg of a sweep through Melbourne, Canberra, Gosford, and Sydney and have had the privilege of playing alongside Windwaker, I the Mighty (USA), Awaken I Am, Secrets (USA) & Slaves (USA).

Kaskeid is:

James Temo on Vocals

Joey Sykes on Guitar & Vocals

Ethan Sykes on Bass & Vocals

Will Thackray on Guitar & Production

Mitchell Wilkinson on Drums.



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