Dominic Sutton – Guitars

Keegan McCleary – Bass

Garrett McMaster – Drums & Vocals

You wouldn’t expect extreme metal/chaotic hardcore to put you into a mediative state, but this is 2020 and anything is possible! I woke up Sunday morning and threw my headphones on, while still in bed, to check out Letterbomb A.D.’s latest single Dystopia.

My ears were assaulted on the first listen by technical guitars, that lead into some insane blast beats and vocals that made me want to punch something, all this and it’s only 6am! I hunkered back down and put it on for a second listen realising I had missed so much because my focus was on listening to Garretts vocals, which certainly pack a punch, as does his drumming. This got me to wonder how the hell can you drum so insanely and put out those raw growls at the same time…..

But it was Dominic (guitar) and Keegan (bass) that lured me into that mediative state. Closing my eyes to be able to feel the music I think I was on the fourth loop of Dystopia before I realised. Honestly in places you feel as if the guitar is actually speaking to you. Frenetic, technical and mesmerising is the best way to describe the experience.  

This is a band I have never really listened to, but you can bet that the rest of the morning is going to be spent in their back catalogue.

Put your headphones on and blast this one because damn it is good



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