The Ether

“A seed grows with no sound, but a tree falls with huge noise. Destruction has noise, but creation is silent.  This is the power of silence… Grow Silently” – Unknown

Sometimes the universe puts things in your path at the exact time that you need them. This is a little different to what I normally review but it has had such an impact on me the last few weeks that I really wanted to share it with the world.  

The noise for me has been really loud lately, the chatter and the constant swirling in my brain that doesn’t seem to stand still. This beautiful collection of music has helped me immensely to quieten that.

As Lightsmith says on his page

“The world can be loud, abrasive and overwhelming. Take time to silence the mind and explore the quiet within ourselves. Lightsmith is a vulnerable expression of a soul attempting this, allowing the waves to flow naturally without resistance.”

This is exactly what The Ether experience is. Not understanding music to the degree I would need to explain how this happens I’m just going with how it makes me feel. A deep seated reverberation, almost like a resetting of your body, pulsates through my being each listen. Washing over you like a wave. It encompasses all of my senses, calms the mind and leaves me with a sense of peace and clarity. This peace is something I have struggled to find and coming across The Ether when I needed it I think is the Universe’s way of telling me life is going to be okay.

Music is the only language that speaks to my soul. It is where I turn when things get bleak and dark so to find something that speaks to me and  lightens that darkness can only be a good thing.

*Best experienced in a calming space with headphones.

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