Your channel would have to be one of the most unique music channels out there!

 How did you get started doing this? Where did your love of music come from?

I’ve been a music lover all my life as far back as I can remember. My dad would always play classic rock n roll like Deep Purple and Pink Floyd while my mother would always jam Van Morrison and Journey. The show started as someone telling me that it was a stupid idea and that I shouldn’t do it. I wanted to prove them wrong and did!

You’ve also been in bands yourself, what’s been your favourite/s?  Biggest band you’ve played with/supported?

H.I.T.M. was probably the most talented band I was in but in a different project, Michael Jackson’s dad was our manager. Wild lol! That same band opened up for DJ Mugg’s (for a Cypress Hill Party) that was a pretty fun show.

 What is the highlight moment for you with LBS?

Highlight moments would be when I get VIP passes to do Weed events. That never gets old 🙂

What issues/challenges have you encountered? What would you do different if you could start again?

Occasionally a band will have a change of heart and asked for their video review to be removed as they’re not wanting to be associated with marijuana anymore. I get it, but that shits lame to me lol. I probably wouldn’t do anything different up to this point.

It’s grown so much since I first came across your YouTube channel. What other areas do you cover apart from reviewing? Any other plans to expand on what you are doing?

I really wanna get more into streaming on a regular basis, but I’m forever working on a new computer build that just never seems to be ready. When its time to unveil it, I will.

You’ve been a great supporter of Australian bands. It’s so great to have another platform for them to get their music out into the world.

I get more Aussie submissions than any other country. This even includes USA submissions! Plus, nearly every Aussie band i hear is fucking awesome so it makes my job even easier.

What are some of your standout Aussie bands?

Windwaker, To Octavia, Virtues just to name a few but I could literally list about 30 that I love!

Favourite band you have reviewed?

This is too tough to answer. Anything that made the first compilation/Spotify tops list would def be considered a favourite though.

Most famous band that has sent in for a review.

The Used/Volumes/Currents/Dance Gavin Dance – the thing with those kind of submissions though is that Facebook always flags those video asking if I have clearance to use  their music. Sometimes I win that dispute, sometimes I don’t….even though the band themselves sent in music to me.

Have you ever had a submission and been like I can’t review that?

Nope. Even if its the worst quality song ever and contains no musical talent….I reviewed it.

You review bands from all genres. What do you listen to in your down time?

Mostly Post Hardcore or Metalcore probably. Though I do love jazz as well.   

Where do you see the industry heading after Covid given that big gigs are probably a fair way off?

I’m not exactly sure. I think were all kinda curious about that. I’m down to try a drive in concert though. I’m sure, in time, gigs will slowly get back to normal.

I love your pinned world map! How many countries have you had bands submit from now?

Unfortunately, the map had to be taken down during a recent move. I was around 30+ countries prior to taking it down.





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