Blending alternative and indie-rock with her feathery jazz vocal style is Brisbane-based artist Lucy Francesca Dron who released her fervent new single ‘What Is Next?’ on January 22

Since the release of her debut EP in 2017, Lucy Francesca Dron has supported the likes of Hope DJacob DiamondVoiidFlamingo Blonde and Asha Jefferies. Last year Dron released two singles, ‘Questions’ followed by ‘Take It From Me’ which saw support from Triple JTriple J Unearthed4ZZZ and Broaderlines

Now, with what is easily her biggest sounding track to date, ‘What Is Next?’ bursts with crisp and lively over-driven guitars backed by full-bodied basslines and drums working in coalescence. Dron’s enticing and poetic lyricism is enriched by her sharp, serrated vocal tone that’s covered in honey. She moves through cool, calm verses, tense choruses and then graciously flutters through notes in quick succession in a chaotic bridge.

Despite its overall upbeat indie-rock energy, there is a fierce, gritty and moody undertone to the track. This pushes the meaning behind the song that explores finding meaning in life and the things we do. Dron states:

“It is overall about choosing to put yourself out into the world to create new experiences and enter a new phase of life. It plays around with the mundaneness of certain aspects of life. Lyrically it’s chaotic yet musically it’s an enticing reflection of what I was feeling after leaving a relationship and putting myself out into the world as an 18-year-old girl and musical performer.”

Lucy Francesca Dron’s new single sets her and her band up for a big year that will also see the release of her EP. ‘What Is Next?’ is out everywhere January 22.

‘What Is Next?’ Single Launch
Thursday, March 4 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane


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