Melbourne singer/songwriter Luke Seymoup today releases his new video for the single ‘Judas’ which features on a split with Sydney’s Vetty Vials. Shot in lockdown Luke gives us an insight into how he has filled his days!

2020 has been the year of some cool musical discoveries for me and Luke is another one to add to the list. We had a chat about 2020, how he has caused the lockdowns and The X-Files…..

Hey Luke thanks for taking the time to chat with me. First off tell me all about yourself.

Hey thanks for having me. I am a singer/songwriter from Melbourne. I have been playing for about 15 years all up in various bands. I have been performing under my own name since 2014. Since then I have put out one full length album and a stack of EP’s and singles. The most recent one is Vetmoup which is a split EP with Vetty Vials from Sydney. Vetty I would describe as being half way between My Chemical Romance and Shania Twain. Emo/Rock with a bit of a country influence in there. She is just fantastic. She has been one of my favourite songwriters for a while now. She has an absolute killer backing band, one of the tightest backing bands in Australia in my opinion.                  

We put that out because we were missing each other, we play a lot of shows together interstate when we tour. That was back in August while the borders were closed and during the most recent lockdown I shot the video for ‘Judas’ as a way to fill the time.

Where did the song ‘Judas’ come from?

Judas is a song I have had around for awhile now. I put out an all Ukulele EP back in 2018 called Uke Seymoup and Judas was a song on that. Over the years we have had requests to play it but have never had a band arrangement to be able to play it, I finally started working on it with the band just before the first round of lockdown got announced. We were all ready to play it at a gig we had lined up in April and then it didn’t happen. When we got locked down I recorded the full band version of it. I played all the guitar, bass and did vocals then shipped it up to Sydney where Marcus Tamp played drums on it. He’s the drummer for quite a few bands in NSW. He just nailed the drum performance on it. The song itself is one of my more emotional tracks. It has a real slow build from a very small and fragile start, to a big, huge ending. It’s a big piece of self-reflection on looking over the mistakes you have made in the past and trying to overcome them and become a better person in the long run.                                  

You also released another single ‘See You Never’ is that on the split as well?

Yeah that’s on the split. See You Never has an interesting origin story. I started writing it after watching the X-Files with my fiancé and one of the characters says, “I want to be abducted by aliens because I hate this town” and Fran my fiancé turned to me and said, “That’s the most pop-punk thing I have ever heard.”  I went and grabbed the guitar and straight away I started writing the song. Around the same time there was a competition to write a song for Australia’s Eurovision entry. I thought I can knock out under three minutes, which was the requirement. I entered it but it didn’t make the cut but let’s hope Australia is brave enough to put a pop-punk entry in for Eurovision in the future. Last year just wasn’t the year. So I had this song still kicking around and I added the keyboard line. Marcus played drums on that as well and it made it onto the split.

Who would be you influences musically?

My first love ha always been pop-punk music. I grew up listening to Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance and bands like that. Over time I got more interested in more singer/songwriter type stuff and a bit of country music as well. Alkaline Trio and Gaslight Anthem kind of tick my boxes for punk influences but I love Bruce Springsteen and Paul Kelly. So in terms of writing vocal melodies and lyrics those two have been a huge influence on me. I’m also an enormous Taylor Swift fan (Luke also was also repping Tay Tay merch) I love that really emotional pop country stuff. Taylor Swift lays it all on the line, she doesn’t hold back. Artists like Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves as well. I’m also a big Wu Tang Clan fan but it doesn’t come out in my music!

You have played in other bands before too?

I performed in a band called Miyazaki! for about 6 years and we put out 2 full lengths albums and 3 Ep’s over that time. After that I formed my solo band so whenever you see Luke Seymoup on a gig post 9/10 it’s a full band show. I am backed up by a three piece band. Marty on drums, Rhys on bass and Brenna on keys and backing vocals.

I‘m assuming that you have more music in the pipeline!

I am in the process of recording a new full length record and its kind of been cursed over the years. We started recording it quite a while back and the engineer we were working with lost his entire hard drive and wasn’t able to salvage the songs. We started again from scratch, we started recording the drums in December last year and they were sounding fantastic. I started tracking the guitars and then you know lockdowns, and everything happened. We got through the first lockdown and our bass player came around and we tracked half the bass and the day after lockdown returned. So we are just finishing the bass parts this weekend. We have been talking about maybe we cursed it, maybe the lockdowns are out fault because we are trying to record this album haha.  

Please stop then we don’t need any more lockdowns!!!!!

Haha I think we can get it done; we are on the home straight now.

I guess the lockdowns would have seen you have gigs cancelled too.

Yeah we had quite a few local shows around April/May that we had to pull the pin on unfortunately and I had a least on interstate show booked. But you know that’s okay it will always be there when we are able to play again. I have been doing a lot of online and remote shows during lockdown. I’ve just been playing solo which people seem to have responded well too. It’s been a pretty good time filler until we can get back out there and start playing some of this new stuff for people.

Last words….

Stay tuned because there is a lot of stuff in the pipeline, especially with this new record coming out next year. I have a few other top secret projects that I am working on. Hopefully when things are a little more sane we will be able to get that out there. I’m looking forward to be getting back into playing shows so anyone who happens to read this if you have a venue or a backyard or a laundry or a cupboard I will play in it.

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