Melbourne singer/songwriter Luke Seymoup releases his new video for his single ‘Judas’ on 14th December. The song, featured on a split with Sydney’s Vetty Vials called VETMOUP, was released back in August. Shot entirely in isolation the video saw Luke making use of what was available at home to create a narrative about the frustrations of lockdown.

I asked Luke about the song Judas:

Judas is a song I have had around for awhile now. I put out an all Ukulele EP back in 2018 called Uke Seymoup and Judas was a song on that. Over the years we have had requests to play it but have never had a band arrangement to be able to play it, I finally started working on it with the band just before the first round of lockdown got announced. We were all ready to play it at a gig we had lined up in April and then it didn’t happen. When we got locked down I recorded the full band version of it. I played all the guitar, bass and did vocals then shipped it up to Sydney where Marcus Tamp played drums on it. He’s the drummer for quite a few bands in NSW. He just nailed the drum performance on it. The song itself is one of my more emotional tracks. It has a real slow build from a very small and fragile start, to a big, huge ending. It’s a big piece of self-reflection on looking over the mistakes you have made in the past and trying to overcome them and become a better person in the long run.     

I highly recommend you go and check out Luke’s back catalogue of songs as he is one very talented song writer.

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