Adam Mather- Bass

Dylan Symonds – Vocals

John Kelly – Vocals

Drew Shepherd – Guitar

Track listing:







Perth’s progressive metalcore scene is producing the goods at the moment. Make Way For Man’s latest EP ‘Rites’ will be released on 18th September. Having never heard of these guys apart from the awesome cover of Owl City’s Fireflies they released mid-way through last year I’m pretty mad with myself for not digging deeper back then!! They previously released ‘Evolve and Repair’ back in 2016, which I have been spinning since finding it!

‘Rites’ is full of djenty heaviness which I am all for. The guys really don’t slot into any genre as they combine so many musical elements into each song. Captivating guitar intros, leading into tasty riffs and hooks which are hefty in their delivery. Every song on ‘Rites’ delivers something different sonically. Strangers could quite easily slot in to a Periphery album, Dylan and John’s vocals ricochet off each other to add depth to the song. MVP has a more poppy, fast paced vibe while still retaining the heaviness, I’ve spent quite some time bopping around my house to this!! The drums on MVP are a stand out and really give the massive tone to this song. Ideations has such a deathcore feel to it and Make Them Suffer’s Sean Harmanis guest vocals on this this banger. Make Way For Man at this stage of the EP seem to be doing no wrong in the delivery of every song. Victories starts and the Tool vibe is strong with the intro which quickly flows back into the beefy riffs and soaring/raw vocals that I’ve come to expect 3 songs in! Victories is a slower but no less powerful song. Rites slams you next. This is my favourite song off the EP, I actually love the whole turmoil filled vibe this song gives off instrumentally. It just melds together so well. Angry raw vocals, technical guitar elements, the rapid fire drumming and then a surprise rap section that honestly does not feel out of place in this song at all. Finishing off with their cover of Fireflies, which I actually love more than the original, is a perfect way to end the experience of this EP. It lets you catch your breath briefly before you are once again pummelled by what this band does so well, the melding of the genres to create their own sound.

This EP is a breath of fresh air and I am now a massive fan of Make Way For Man. Make sure you go and have a listen to the singles already released off of Rites before the EP is released on September 18th via all the usual platforms.

Click on the links below to follow their socials.

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