So according to my Spotify Wrapped I have discovered 681 new bands this year. Gold Coast’s Mass Sky Raid are one of the top of my list of finds and they have just dropped a new single ‘Breakthrough’  

I’m a sucker for Adam Lomas’ vocals and ‘Breakthrough’ just proves once again why. Melodic verses and a huge chorus all delivered with emotional perfection.

Simplicity is always a good thing and the video clip for ‘Breakthrough’ is extremely well done visually. I’m not sure if I love the song or the film clip more! The ambience of the song is captured so well in it.  Musically the guys have just nailed it once again. Make sure you listen to this through headphones, so you don’t miss all the little nuanced guitar elements of this song.

Vocalist Adam Lomas said of the new single’s depth and breadth of musical and philosophical content, “Breakthrough sonically creates a musical intensity through the use of ambient guitar layers supported by a driving rhythm section. Light and shades, both instrumentally and vocally, are explored to create a progressive journey for the listener from melodic progressive verses to anthemic reaching choruses.”

“Lyrically Breakthrough explores the challenges we have in our everyday life as we attempt to break away from a systemised existence living with society’s expectations that are sometimes organically inbuilt and unfulfilling. It looks at the impact of each decision we make which brings its own consequence and provokes the listener to find their own truth.”

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