Gold Coast prog band Mass Sky Raid have just released a new single ‘Not Alone’ this is just a taste of what is to come as the guys prepare to release a new album in the near future. I caught up with vocalist Adam Lomas to get the low down on what we can expect from Mass Sky Raid’s new album.

Hey Adam thanks for taking the time to chat. Can you tell us a bit about Mass Sky Raid?

We’ve been around for a while now. We released an EP and then we followed that up with our debut album Science Fiction. We were then fortunate enough to get some government funding through the local Gold Coast Regional Art Development Fund Program after that album which has enabled us to do another album which we have just recently finished. ‘Not Alone’ is our first single off of the new album. We’re really excited that in this crazy time we can actually get something out. It’s a catch 22 in the sense that you can’t play live but people are home and probably listening to more content. It sort of works both ways, it’s unfortunate that you can’t play live but you can get content out via the digital platforms and pick up a lot of listeners still which is great.

It’s a good time to be increasing you listener/ follower base.

It’s amazing. If it’s done right the music industry can keep going. I’m sure bands will continue to release more content. The hardest part was just organising it all on the other side like the recording process during the lockdowns. Its hard to make music videos for the same reason. So just organizing the actual releases was quite a challenge in these times. It’s just great to finally get it out there.

I think the way technology is these days too it’s much easier to get your music out there via all the different platforms. Even to record and produce your own music.

Technology had really made it amazing for musicians like that. To be able to record the album and then to distribute it digitally to the world. If your smart in what your doing with that you can really market it and get exposure. There are so many platforms now that you can push your music too. It’s about being smart, enthusiastic and being determined.

When I listened to ‘Not Alone’ I got a real Dead Letter Circus x Rival Fire vibe from the single. Then I saw that Luke Palmer (DLC) produced the single!

Yeah Luke produced our whole album for us. He’s been a good mate for a long time. This is the first time we have used Luke as a producer, and we couldn’t be happier with what he has done with our album. It’s a very diverse album, I mean this is the first of many songs and they have all got their own personalities and dimensions. We are bringing in a lot of different elements that we wouldn’t usually bring in. I’m just really excited to get them all out there. Luke has been amazing through the whole process.

I’m guessing that DLC are one of your influences! Who else influences your music?

They are definitely one. Each member of the band has different influences. Bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Karnivool, Northlane. I think that’s what creates our unique sound, that we all come from really different backgrounds. I think we bring in those influences through our sound.

I see you have had a bit of a line-up change.

Yes, so along with myself and Alex Kewley we have two new members. We have Josh Whitney on bass guitar and Nic Ross, who is actually from Scotland, on drums. So we’ve actually gone through quite a line up change on this album. It’s exciting because these guys bring in new elements and I’m excited to work with them. Just to create music going forward with them and them bringing their own influences. It keeps it fresh and exciting.

I am loving all the bands that are creating what they want at the moment.

I think as a band we have gotten to the stage where we are just being honest with what we are creating. Taking it wherever its meant to go with the journey it’s meant to go on. I think this song is quite similar to our last album, there are some new elements added, but I think when we go into our next single release people will find that it is completely different. We are bringing in elements that we have never had before so it’s just going on whatever journey I think inspires you at the time. Keeping it fresh and original.

There is some amazing talent coming through, it blows my mind. You see new content get released by these unknown bands I’m blown away by the quality that’s getting produced. It’s actually really inspiring, it drives you as a musician to work harder, to push your creative limits. That’s what I love about it, you just keep getting inspired. Being in a band you want to evolve so that you don’t become stale. Obviously you do it for your fans, but you have to enjoy it yourself too.

So will you release another single before the album?

Yeah this situation with the pandemic means you never know what is going to be happening next, so we are just so happy to be releasing content right now. We’re working on a film clip for our next release which should probably be just around the corner. We are pretty excited about this one because it’s a completely different side of Mass Sky Raid. It’s probably going to draw a new audience. We are just really thrilled that the album that we have worked on is just so diverse. Every song is a bit of a journey, each song is so different.  We’ve bought in elements like acoustics and violins. I’m really excited because of the diversity of the next song and it’s something that we really wanted to do. Just experimenting because you never know where the song will go if you do that. I think as we release the next single people will go ‘Oh yeah this is really different’. We can’t wait for the world to open back up again so that we can tour this album. We have this built up energy and we can’t wait to get out and play in front of people.

After listening to ‘Not Alone’ I am extremely keen to see what Mass Sky Raid have for us next and for the world to open back up!

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