Vocals: Rhys (Steve)

Guitars: Raouf (Ralph)

Bass: Michael

Drums: Scott (Lamp)

Keys etc.: Paul Mercurio

Boy Queensland just keeps delivering in the goods in the Prog scene with new comers Mercurious delivering their first single Revelation. With an 80’s vibe to it Revelation is such a funk and groove filled tune and I am all about that!

‘Blending some of the most talented Australian artists MERCURIOUS had ONE goal – To write without any creative restriction and that’s what you can expect from their dynamic new single ‘Revelation’ This genre-transfiguring track blends healthy doses of rock and funk vibes with technical yet melodic fretwork, groovy bass and bombastic drumming efforts.’

Guitarist Raouf introduced me to the band and what they want to achieve musically.

So how have you been?

Good thanks. It’s been a busy couple of weeks preparing for the release. It’s very exciting to have it all out now and hearing peoples feedback. We’ve started recording more singles for the future as well, so we pretty much went straight into that right away.

That is so good to hear because I love Revelation. I love that you guys have a little bit of everything in this song.

That is so good to hear. I’m so glad you like it. You saying why you like it in that way is affirming to us. I grew up being a massive Michael Jackson fan. I love that kind of 70’s – 80’s thing, obviously now I am quite a big metal head  and rock listener, but I just always wanted to try to so something that would be a direct nod to that influence. When Nick, the keyboardist, and I started writing that song we just were referencing a lot of Michael Jackson, especially through the verses. We really wanted to create something that was rocky, a little bit heavy and just that fun, funky 80’s inspired music.

I said to my housemate it almost sounds like it should be in the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack.

That’s cool. Awesome.

That was the vibe I got from it.

Brilliant. That is very, very cool. It’s really interesting hearing peoples interpretations and what they think when they hear it. Things like that I would never have thought of so that’s very cool.

I had it cranked in the car and I was just like yeah this is a theatre production worthy track. I think because there is so much happening in the song. Every time you listen to it you find another easter egg.

That is so good to hear.

So there is more music on the way?

Yeah. That song definitely stands out a little bit compared to the rest of our music that is coming out. We recently tracked drums for four more songs that will come out. So the idea is that we will release some singles over the next six months. The next song we are working on is a little bit more melancholic, a little bit sadder. You might think of bands like Muse or Karnivool, that kind of inspiration.

I’m a big Muse fan.

This one is quite I suppose Muse influenced, a lot more synth, less funky. Overall it’s a little bit more darker and sombre. Hopefully people enjoy it. I would say a lot of our songs can be quite different from one another. We sort of have this seasonal thing. We have summery songs and then we have the winter ones.

So how did you guys all end up coming together?

Nick and I were in a metal band called Dark Symphonica which was completely different to what we are doing now. It was very much inspired by bands like Nightwish and Epica. We released an album in 2016 and then shortly after we disbanded. Nick and I just wanted to continue writing music. We were also not only symphonic metal fans, and metal fans in general, but we were really big prog heads. So we love bands like Leprous, local bands like Caligula’s Horse. We had no expectation, we just wanted to have fun with it. That was the end of 2016, start of 2017. We wrote four or five songs which we are only now finally releasing. We felt really good about the songs, we wanted to get a band together and start playing them live. Starting to think we should actually release this. We got some members together. So Michael Bates our bassist I play with in a band called Seraphic. Since I was already working with Bates in Seraphic I thought let’s get him in. He was super keen; he is similar to me as well in that he likes this kind of music too. We had a hard time finding  a stable member for vocals. We had someone else temporarily on drums before we found Scotty (Wade), that was a really easy choice because he is a fantastic drummer. Finally we found Rhys at the start of 2019 and then a lot of that year was just spent preparing to learn the songs. Start of 2020 hit, we launched as the band and then everything happened with Covid.

Everything went to shit.

Exactly. We have had to play a bit of catch up, but I feel like this year is going to be the year that we wanted last year. We finally started recording Revelation at the end of last year. It’s long in years when I think about it, 4 years, it’s been a very gradual process. I’ve obviously been quite busy with Seraphic so that has filled a lot of my time. That is how the band has sort of been put together.

There is so much in Revelations musically, so I need to ask, who influences you?

I think it is very personal down to each member. I would say our broader influences, we all love bands like Karnivool. I think every single one of us is a big fan of them. Tool, there are definitely Dream Theatre fans: like these big prog bands. For me personally my tastes have changed somewhat over the last 10 years to being a little bit more melodic focused. I used to listen to a lot of Death metal, and I will still put it on occasionally, bands like Cannibal Corpse. Over time that has changed to more melodic and progressive and I think that is where prog metal, and prog rock in particular, you can find some really great experimental bands. One band I absolutely love is Leprous from Norway. They are a phenomenal band. I really love funky songs, as I mentioned Michael Jackson. Even people like Rick James, they just have such great tunes. I particularly love how artist like Childish Gambino’s production is so layered and lush. I think there is so much to learn from those sorts of artists. I think I will always write rock in some way, but I think there is so much there to be influenced by. Of course there are the classic rock bands like Muse, The Killers those kind of bands are also a big influence on us.

Any plans to play shows?

We have one lined up for May, details of that should be out soon. We are trying to line up another one before then hopefully. There isn’t a whole lot I can say about shows other than there will be some coming up soon. Probably not in huge abundance just because the availability isn’t always there.

Keep an eye out on Mercurious socials for new tunes and hopefully some live gigs. These guys have really piqued my interest with their first single which is below:

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