Sasha Theunissen – Vocals

Brooke Squire – Bass

Nick Ursida – Guitar

Maarlee De Jong – Guitar

Jordy Theunissen – Drums

I will always bang on about if you are going to a show then make sure you get there for all the support acts because that is where you will find the future of the music scene. What I wasn’t expecting is for the support act to absolutely floor me. Adelaide’s Mums Favourites may well soon be everyone’s favourites. With a sound and style that belies their age this band is on my ‘one to watch’ list.

Hey guys thanks for taking the time to road trip for a chat! How did Mums Favourite come to be?

Sasha: We formed in high school, it was Nick, Brooke and I. Maarlee went to the same school, but he joined later. We were playing at Mass, assemblies and stuff, it wasn’t really our groove, especially when the first song we wrote was all about the devil!!!! We have just been kicking at it, writing songs. We did some recordings and that is how we got our first two songs out. People seemed to like it and kept asking us to play so here we are.

Brooke: We have been busy.

You guys have such a unique sound. The first time we saw you guys play Sascha opened her mouth, and we were all like holy shit. The four guys that were with me are all musos and they were blown away.

Jordy: That’s what everyone says about Sascha’s vocals.

How did you guys all get into music?

Nick: I’ve been playing brass since I was in primary school. During high school I picked a bunch more instruments and that’s when we started playing music together. Maarlee and I are mostly self-taught.

Sasha: I think we had to make a band for an assessment at school, it wasn’t this band there was only a few of us. Some people dropped out and others came in and then we kind of just stuck with it. We asked Maarlee if he wanted to be in it as well because he is so good on the guitar. Then Jordy joined as our drummer.  

Brooke: Your mum is pretty musical; you guys were sort of raised around music.

Jordy: I’ve been playing drums since I was 10 years old.

Brooke: I did piano in primary school and then when I started high school I decided I wanted to play music again and I chose the bass. I thought it was pretty cool.

What would you call the style of music that you play?

Sasha: I don’t know. There’s blues in there, there’s rock.

Jordy: Each song is so different.

Brooke: When we played at the Metro we went up to the bar after the gig and the guy behind the bar said it was a bit like 90’s grunge. Like Alice in Chains. We’ve never had that one before, but we will take it.

Do you write a lot?

Sascha: We just finished a new song today. It’s been a slow process and trying to find our sound. And to be happy with our sound. It’s hard when there is no one around that sounds like us. When we play gigs we stick out so much. We played a gig at the Uni Bar the other week and it was a punk/metal show. It was fun, it was one of my favourite gigs.

Jordy: It was probably the best gig I have played with you guys so far.

Brooke: It makes us hard to follow sometimes because the audience might get a bit of a shock when we start to play.

The audience were definitely into what you were playing at the Fat Controller.

Sasha: With us and Mum Thinks Blue the thing that stands out to me the most in our similarities is that Austin and I don’t sing in Australian accents. We don’t play with a lot of bands that don’t sing with the accent.

Which again makes you stand out. I think regardless you guys are going to stand out.

Brooke: Sasha has the voice; we may as well use it.

I know my mate was floored when you sang. Very old school blues/jazz sounding.

Jordy: It’s definitely of that era. If you closed your eyes you would think you were back there.

Sasha: I get so many Janis Joplin comments. Personally I don’t hear it.

I think it’s the way you move onstage as well.

With such a unique sound you obviously draw from a lot of different influences.

Nick: I don’t really have artist that influence me. I kind of just listen to a lot of complex music, like a lot of sounds of guitar, brass and stuff like that. That’s what inspires me when I write.

Maarlee: At the moment it’s Pink Floyd.

Sasha: For me it’s Led Zeppelin. Arctic Monkeys are a massive influence for us. At the moment for me personally I have been getting into 70’s rock. So that is what is influencing me and then I am influencing these guys!

Brooke: I don’t know. I listen to Sasha! She will bring something in and say you have to listen to this; you should play something like this! I’m just like okay. We are influenced by the lyrics that Sasha writes. When we first start writing a song and the vibe that Sasha and Nick start creating will decide how I think the bass line should sound.

Jordy: Definitely Dave Grohl when he used to drum, Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys. I listen to a lot of old 70’s and 80’s funk so a lot of that has crept into my style.

You obviously write together as a group?

Jordy: Yeah somehow this weird medley fits together.

Sasha: We also write a lot of our songs in Minor keys and other bands don’t tend to, no shame or anything but they just write in Major chords.

Brooke: I guess our time signature as well. The song we just finished writing has a ¾ chorus and Red Room has a 6/8. So we have a couple of songs that are not just 4/4.

Nick: Trying to keep it more interesting.

It works. Like I said we just sat there floored when we saw you guys the other week.

Sasha: It tends to be, not the older, but the more mature, experienced people who get what we are doing.

Brooke: We played at the Metro and the dinner service was still going. There was a bunch of older people sitting there. Before the gig they came up and started talking to us about our music. Afterwards they came up and were like you guys are so good.

Aspirations for who you would like to play with?

Brooke: Its hard when you have your own sound, its hard to figure out where you sit. I feel like we are in-between genres. Arctic Monkeys are a big one for us.

Sasha: When we saw them live two or three years ago it was so good. I’d love to be able to even meet them. Brooke and I are pretty big on female/non-male musician’s so we would definitely like to start playing with more diverse line-ups. We were on a line-up awhile back and out of all the bands Brooke, myself and our old drummer were the only females. It’s empowering to be one of the three but it’s also really disappointing.

I know some places now won’t book shows unless there is female representation in at least one band which is good to see.

Sasha: At the Fat Controller they have Lisa and that is really inspiring for me because I am studying to be a sound engineer. It’s good to have her there as a role model.

There are plenty of accomplished female role models in the industry.

Sasha: I don’t really know who we would like to play with but as long as there are other females.

Brooke: Like sometimes people will comment that its cool that we have a female singer and bass player. Yeah it is but why are you so surprised! We are just musicians.

Sasha: I think the worse thing is that sometimes we are considered the token females. Kind of like of we need a female band on the line-up. Why can’t we just be another band on the line-up.

Brooke: It’s a bit lonely sometimes when you are standing around. Like even your course Sasha.

Sasha: Yeah I’m the only female in my course.

So do you guys record your own music?

Brooke: When we did the first two songs we did them at Mixmasters Productions and we are going to go back there soon to record some more.

How did you get your name?

Jordy: Here’s a bit of trivia for you.

Sasha: We played at Jordy’s 19th birthday party in our backyard.

Brooke: We had only done two proper gigs I think.

Sasha: We were fresh. We didn’t have a name. That night it was raining, and our dogs were all wet, so we called ourselves Soggy Dog. The guests were like we need something to chant so we picked that!!!

Haha that’s good.

Jordy: That’s a great band name.

Sasha: Nooo!! I didn’t like it.

Brooke: We were sitting in the kitchen in our break and talking about having to come up with a better name because we had been arguing the whole night about it. We were like the bands going to break up before we’ve even started (laughs). As a joke we were tossing around Mums Favourites and that is what stuck.

Sasha: At the time Nick was his mums favourite! We just stuck with it and its not a name we can ever really grow out of. Everyone has a mum.

Brooke: There’s a few Mum bands around, they kind of all just popped up. We first saw Mum Friends back in 2019 at the Towns Christmas show.

Sasha: We get confused with them all the time. People have come up to us at gigs and said oh you are the girls from Mum Friends. Nope Mums Favourite! We did a radio interview, and we took in an unreleased song, the radio show is one where you can play your song and they give you their thoughts, we did it with Mum Friends and even then people got us mixed up.

It’s so exciting to see the influx of young bands in Adelaide.

Brooke: We played The Climate Strike with Witch Hunt, That was a good gig it was pretty much an all-female line-up. Hey Harriot played too.

Jordy: It was literally just us three boys and the two boys from Harriot.

Brooke: We have played with Lucy; they are a new band with four females.

Sasha: It was a really good female representation. I think our favourite female band is Pelvis, I’m not sure if you have heard of them.

They played a gig in the parklands a few weeks back that I went to.

Brooke: They played with us at our headline show at Jive.

Sasha: Maisie played with us that night too, they are a psychedelic band.

Brooke: They were awesome.

Sasha: And Pelvis. I fucking love them.

The new generation of musicians coming out of Adelaide are of such a high quality and if you haven’t had a chance to see or hear Mums Favourites, or the other bands that the guys have named I highly suggest you get do.

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