“The devil lies within. Get out of my head. I can’t stand this. I’m passed my breaking point.”

A band name that is an amalgam of an iconic weirdo actor’s name and a brutal, no-holds-barred, no escape death match. Sounds about right for a metal/hardcore band out of Ballarat, Victoria!

Honestly I had no idea what to expect when I saw this bands name! Having an actor/brutal combat sport combined name left me curious.

I don’t think Nicolas Cage Fighter could have picked a better name to be honest. ‘Devil’s Head’ is a brutal assault on your senses, and I’m sure once it is played live is going to end up seeing bodies bruised and battered.  Underlying the ferociousness is the serious subject of depression. According to the band, ‘Devil’s Head’…represents the symptoms of depression and the changes in you that come and go, the Devil rearing his head, as it were.”

Formed in Ballarat late 2011, released their Debut EP “3350”, a tribute to their home location’s postcode in June 2013, disbanded in 2014 and reformed with a new line-up for a one-off show in 2019. January 2020 saw the release of a two track record HELL IN ME, recorded and mixed by Kye Blomeley.

Having already released one single ‘Black Jackal’ off their forthcoming EP (the details of which will be announced at a later date) their new single ‘Devil’s Head’ will also be part this concept record about Mental Health and defeating the ‘Black Jackal’.

Watch ‘Devil’s Head’ below and click the links to follow the bands socials.

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