Nicole McKinney released her vulnerable indie/ folk-rock track ‘Another Day’  a few weeks back. Nicole’s ethereal vocals pull on your heartstrings as she shares her own emotional story of loss, betrayal and humiliation.

To pair with the tender, emotive and melancholy single, McKinney is releasing her journey in healing her emotional wounds in an empowering music video (directed and produced by Phoebe Faye).

From showing her vulnerability in the picturesque bathtub to showing her strength when carrying herself out of the turbulent ocean waves, this video is all about claiming back her power. McKinney states:

“To me, the video is reminiscent of the wounds left behind by disloyal friends. It is the healing process I went through from pain, loneliness and vulnerability to eventually gaining the strength to save myself and make a better life without them. I hope this video is empowering and shows others that it’s important to leave toxic relationships and to search for strength within yourself to heal on your own.”

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