Single: Funeral Flowers

Genre: Doom Metal/ Stoner Rock/ Prog

Release date: 30th October

Funeral Flowers is the latest single from Tim Hannaford’s solo stoner/doom metal project Noldoran.  The song Funeral Flowers is a cover of Gothic/Post-Punk band Runabout from Prague, the guitarist/vocalist (Fil Anthropy) is an ex-bandmate of Tim’s from when Fil lived in Sydney.

Funeral flowers on my grave

Funeral flowers, immaculate bouquet

Watch them wither and decay

It was a touching gesture anyway

The dark and gloomy vibes are huge on this track and I’m not sure if it’s because I have listened to so much Mora Prokaza lately, but I really wanted to hear some accordion! The musical introduction sets the funeralesque tone. The almost spoken words of the verse leave no doubt that this is not a happy song. Funeral Flowers is a bleak commentary from the dead – the one line chorus ‘It makes me glad that I’m dead’ speaks volumes whilst someone is observing their own funeral. That said I actually really love the atmospheric darkness of this single. Tim’s voice has that deep melancholic sound that sits well with the lyrical component of Funeral Flowers.  

Playing the majority of instruments himself, Tim has also self-produced this single, engineering and mixing Funeral Flowers in house. Matt Clarke has done the mastering and Fil also did the remix and the artwork for the release.

Click on the presave link below and follow Noldoran’s socials.

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