Holy shit Gold Coast’s hardcore outfit Novus have just raised the bar and taken their new single next level heavy. Mythomania has it all. Massive vocals, hefty riffs and a king-sized breakdown!

‘Mythomania’ ft Jack Bergin (Void of Vision) looks at pathological liars and the effect that they have on the people around them. It’s angry and raw and makes you want to punch something.

Jon Prestage, drummer and lyricist for the band says that the band believe that “…many people in the world can relate to this track as it refers to compulsive liars who will lie about everything, no matter how much pain and suffering it causes the person on the other end. The song was written as an emotional outlet to express feelings from a personal experience and to send a message across that it is important to tell the truth, no matter what the situation is, as lying only causes more harm than good.

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