Just over 12 months ago while on holiday in Brisbane I stumbled across Novus at a Crowbar gig one night. I was impressed with them back then but having listened to their latest two releases the growth and maturity of the band really stands out. Zac and I caught up for a chat about the songs, the band and the Aussie scene.

Dean Ross-Swaver – vocals

Jon Prestage – Drums

Lach Prestage – Guitars

Zac James – Bass.

You guys have released a couple of singles?

Yeah we are trying to keep busy given the circumstances, just trying to stay on top of it and use this time wisely. There’s no point sitting around. We released ‘Hopeless’ in May and ‘Reflect’ was released earlier today. We are a little bit blown away by the response ‘Reflect’ has gotten today. People really seem to be more engaged which is awesome, and I guess that is due to not being able to go to a show.

This time has made me realise just how much good music is coming out of Australia. Diamond Constructs new EP is so good, they are about to blow up. I feel like that about Honest Crooks too. I’ve watched them for the last 4 or 5 years just continue to kill it. Our singer Dean is into deathcore and he hasn’t stopped talking about Babirusa’s new album today.

I sat up last night to listen to that and Diamond Construct’s EP. It’s been a big day for music today. Thank goodness Ethan makes his new music list each week!!

I love that dude. Actually he chucked us on this week’s list and all of us were like ‘We’ve made it! We are on Ethan’s list’. Ethan’s the man he’s all over it.

Did you already have these ready to go or were they written during lockdown?

‘Hopeless’ was already written and planned but ‘Reflect’ we started back around the beginning of March. We really knuckled down and wrote it and did the film clip while the restrictions in Queensland were eased. We are just trying to capitalise on any little thing we can get.

I saw that you had a sold out gig recently

Yeah we managed to squeeze one in for the year!! It was weird with everyone sitting down but it was fun. It was nice to play again, we have missed that.

Did you have a few gigs locked in for this year?

No nothing concrete. Just a lot of discussions with other bands. Then the first lockdown happened and it all went out the window. We were going to try and do a North Queensland run and then around now we had wanted to do an East Coast run. We were gearing up to push ourselves a bit more interstate.

Have you guys got an EP or album in the works?

Not really. Our plan for this year was to play as much as we could while continuing to write. So we’ve released ‘Reflect’ but we’re not sure on what we will do next, we probably will do an EP, but I can’t say that we have started on one. ‘Reflect’ was a song that we wrote fairly quickly when all this covid stuff first kicked off. With what we were planning being unable to happen we don’t really have a concrete plan in place right now. Things keep changing all the time.

I was listening to ‘Reflect’ earlier and you can tell that you guys have grown as a band. There’s a more matured sound.

Thank you! We are really trying to step in to where we want to go as a band. The EP ‘Solace’ was a lot of bucket list items for us. Songs that we had always wanted to record. ‘Hopeless’ and ‘Reflect’ are much more where we want to go in the future. It’s the first time we have had had clean vocals in any of our songs which is really cool. There’s a lot more layers and we’ve added synthesisers, orchestral parts, and bigger lead guitar sections. Just trying to make the songs as big as we can. We’ve continued to write and will try to come out with something more as early as we can.

What was the story behind the two songs?

‘Hopeless’ really battled with the subject of depression. The negative side of depression and how you are down on yourself. How you feel like you just want to end it because you can’t see a way to come out of it. It was a really dark song.

‘Reflect’ picks up from where ‘Hopeless’ left off. It looks more at the brighter side. That you’ll have those moments and that is okay. When you sit down and reflect on everything that has happened, the good and the bad, that staying alive is a much better option.

Novus have really raised the bar with these two releases showing that they are up and coming contenders in the scene.

Check out ‘Reflect’ here:

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