The Melbourne metalcore outfit wanted to make a statement with their initial release of music and as such, the band says that the ‘From The Ashes’ EP symbolises “…rebirth, rising up from what we once were to reveal something even greater. This is more than just a chance to show everyone what we’ve been working on, this is our chance to start anew. Exploring a vast array of topics and themes throughout; no matter who you are we hope there is a track within this record that connects with a whole bunch of people.”

Melbourne’s Observist dropped their debut track ‘Fragments’ a few weeks back. Along with the first single the band announced their EP ‘From The Ashes’ will be released on June 4th.

I kept Kye and Cade entertained on a recent drive to band practise, or did they keep me entertained? Which ever way it went there were a lot of laughs!

Finally after all the snaps you’ve sent with song snippets we have a whole song! It’s bloody good too.

Kye: We do. Thank you. It took a little while to get together.

You have obviously been sitting on it for a bit.

Kye: Yeah I think I wrote that song three or four years ago. It’s been a little while.

You basically started a whole new band too.

Kye: Yeah I did a little bit of a rebrand.

What is ‘Fragments’ about?

Kye: I can’t really speak for the lyrics so much because that’s Chris’s domain, but he did a little write up about the song:

The pinnacle concept of time, the embodied message of “what would you do?” That is what is portrayed here. When presented the situation, will you give into the ideology of what is expected of you, give into the mindset that everything is laid out to be a certain way, or will you disconnect, forget everything you know, relinquish all control and just live.

The song was written in a transition period for me. I was writing a lot of heavier music and I wanted to transition more into I guess, metalcore with chorus’s. I just wanted to write something catchy that also had the heavy parts. Last year basically the whole band fell apart and with Covid it was hard to find new people. Over the year we slowly built up what we were going to do and then when we were able to we filmed the video.

You scored the support for Alpha Wolf tour.

Kye: Yes we are very excited about that. They picked a lot of the smaller bands that haven’t really had much of a chance yet which is awesome. Sabian made a status about getting to the gigs to support the openers which was so good to see.

They are such awesome humans.

Next up for you guys is your EP ‘From The Ashes.’

Kye: Yes so that comes out in June.

Yes the 4th of June, that’s the day before my birthday! Thanks for that.

Kye: We dedicate this to Suze!!! Haha I’ll put that on Facebook… this is for Suze.

I’ll definitely be listening to it. Actually this week I did nothing but listen to the new releases on Friday. So many bands dropped stuff. Thank God for Ethan and his list!

Kye: Yes we even made it on to the list last week.

Isn’t it funny how that has become such a thing now, making it onto Ethan’s New Music Friday list. He’s such a legend, he doesn’t need to do that but every week he is all over the new releases.

Kye: He’s on it.

Back to the EP

Kye: It’s five songs. I mean do we have an album??? We might.

Cade: I don’t know. Do we??

Kye: Maybe….

Is it an EP or is it an album?? Or is there an album following the EP????

Kye: Is there an EP and an album?? You never know…

Cade: Maybe it’s three EP’s…

Thanks for the insight guys haha!

Kye: We don’t have any tours booked yet, but we do have a couple of shows that we have just locked in that we can’t quite talk about yet.

Cade: You know that big things are coming? It’s sort of one of those scenarios.

Well you’ve released a killer track and scored a support with AW, that’s not a bad start!

Kye: I can’t believe that is our first show. We are so excited for it, it’s perfect for us. The problem with the band before was that we could never get in the scene with the right band. We were just playing with regional local bands that weren’t even the same genre as us.

That makes it hard.

Kye: We were playing with old school death metal bands and metalcore and it just doesn’t work. We tried to break into the scene but we struggled to get shows.  We are at that phase where we are trying to work things out. See what is happening and what’s not. Getting a plan together.

The boys were driving to band practise while we did this. Turns out they drive 2 hours each way for it!!

Kye: Cade and I live I Ballarat which is two hours from where we practise.

That’s dedication. See people don’t see that side of band life.

Kye: No they don’t.

Cade: You have to do what you have to do.

Kye: If we met half way we could get an extra hour of practise in.. but don’t tell the other guys that.  

On the side of the road??

Cade: Well we could, or under a bridge.

Flash mob band practise! You could stop at that servo on the highway!

Kye: Calder Park Maccas…

Haha yeah that would work.

Check out ‘Fragments’ and hit up Observist’s socials so you don’t miss a thing:



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