Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the universe works its magic. After having a really bad week I got a message from Ionei asking if I would like to listen to something the Ocean Sleeper guys had been working on. What I got was the beautifully reimagined version of Six Feet Down.

I’m a pretty big fan of these guys and Six Feet Down has always been one of my go to songs to lift me when I’m down. I’m not ashamed to say that I sat in my car and cried on hearing this version.

I absolutely love this and if the boys were to continue to put out this style of content occasionally I would be very happy.

I caught up with Ionei to see what’s been happening in the Ocean Sleeper camp.

What made you guys decide to do a reimagined version of Six Feet Down

So we actually started with the idea 2 or 3 years ago. Karl and I were messing around with some of our stuff. I make a lot of electronic stuff, beats and pop music, in my spare time and for work so its where my main passion for music lies I suppose outside of heavy stuff. It’s a good crossover for me. Karl and I started working on this song around 2 years ago, so it’s been in the works for a really long time. Due to this covid stuff we finally had the time to sit down and finish it. It was in a very rough state for a long time. Just like the chords and the vocals, then about 2 months ago we sat down and fleshed out the whole song. We did all the instrumentation to it again and made it into an entire song. The weekend after it was finished we did the clip for it.

I self-produced and mixed the song and then we sent it over to Kris Crummett. He did our album when we went over to America and recorded in 2018. We got him to master it, so we had a second set of ears on the project which was really good. Our friend Martin Wood did the studio section of the video clip and Jaydon Colvin did our tour video, so he did all the live footage side of it.

It was good just watching back through all that old footage and seeing it come together because we played some pretty awesome shows in our last touring cycle. It was fantastic to be able to properly showcase them inside a video clip. 

When I watched the film clip I was like omg I miss gigs so much

Absolutely! It’s such a throwback clip, we miss being able to play shows. We’ve actually got heaps of gig footage that we’d love to make into a documentary but we’re not sure if we are going to do that yet or not. All the footage is so good to watch.

Do you think that you may do a whole reimagined/acoustic EP down the track?

Yes I would absolutely love too. This song had a bit more production going on but entirely acoustic is something that we have also thought about and demoed out before. We are definitely keen on that. It’s pretty exciting because it’s just a new spin on our music.

We do have a vision to do a lot more music like this because a lot of our songs do translate really well into acoustic versions. Some of them are written acoustically before they became full songs. We’ve played around with the idea since the band started and obviously we enjoy that sort of music and we are passionate about it. It’s just finding out whether our fan base is also passionate about it and can relate to it in the same way.

I think you’re onto a winner with this version of Six Feet Down because as you know it reduced me to tears!

That was a good response!! I’m really glad you like it.

It’s exciting because we haven’t released a song in a while, not since last year when we released the album. It feels good to be able to release something again.

Have you guys been working on new material as well?

Yes we’ve been slowly chipping away at that too. We’ve had some songs finished for a while but we’re just sort of figuring out what to do and how we can all get together. Because Stan lives in Brisbane right now he can’t actually come down. We were meant to have a writing session this week and Stan was going to fly down but due to the lockdown happening again that’s not possible

Covid has made life tough for artists but by the same token it’s made people look outside the box

It’s been great seeing bands adapt to get stuff out and to keep the wheels moving. For a second there everything stopped. It’s also hard to get to a wider demographic without the newer bands having those support slots to play. Having shows where you can expand your fan base.

Did you guys have any tours or stuff planned

Yeah we had a bunch of stuff planned. One got postponed and then a lot just got taken off the table entirely. It was a bit rough; it would have been a pretty good year for us, but stuff just didn’t pan out because of the lockdowns and everything. I suppose for bands like us we have stuff happening in the background. It’s all planned around singles and tours. I feel like for a whole part of the industry we don’t know what will happen because the way we used to function – release a song – plan a tour – that sort of thing no longer works right now. I feel like a lot of people are just scratching their heads and asking, ‘Well what do we do’?

I think once covid ends the way the industry works is going to be different

Yeah definitely I mean I can’t see things even going back to normal until next year at the earliest. It’s scary because for us we try to plan 12 months in advance with what we are doing or at least have a vision for a year in advance.

It’s been that long since I spoke to you how did the album go for you guys?

It went amazing. The tour we did for it was awesome and then the other day we got nominated for AIR Best Heavy Album. That was pretty crazy to see. Everything was going pretty good and then covid happened and then everything turned into “oh we don’t know what to do “

My vision since the covid stuff started has been to keep going because it would be easy to say that we can’t do anything but if we did that potentially we could never tour again if you know what I mean

Yeah you fall off people’s radar!

Exactly and I don’t want that to be the story. People like us because of our live show but they also like us because of the music. So we were like we can’t do a live show let’s give the fans some more music

I’m highly doubtful that Ocean Sleeper are going to fall off anyone’s radar anytime soon!!!

Six Feet Down is available now on all the usual platforms.

Check out the video for the song below:




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