Melbourne’s One More Weekend have a lot to ‘Talk’ about after recently releasing their latest single. I spoke to front man Connor who let me in on a little secret……

You guys have been around the scene for a while.

2015 we technically started as a band, but we didn’t begin gigging for about 8 months though.

You have 10k followers on your Facebook page which makes me wonder how I have missed you guys!

That was with a bit of help, we signed a distribution deal with a European label called Sliptrick Records a couple of years ago. The numbers jumped around that time so a lot of them are European based.

Ah that makes sense because your Spotify was no were near that number.

Bit of a difference hey. Our Apple Music numbers are bigger. I think Spotify is very Australian based. Apple Music we are in Netherlands, Germany and Amsterdam and all the old stuff still gets heaps of plays there which is nice.

Okay so let’s talk about Talk!

We’ve been playing Talk live for about 2 years. However where it stemmed from was probably, its very relationship based. I don’t normally write songs about relationships I’m more about communication between you and your workplace, the bigger picture, the advertising industry and stuff. This one stemmed from a lot of firsthand experience in a pretty up and down, back and forth relationship that needed to end and dissipate. It wasn’t getting any better and I felt like it wasn’t going to get any better. After trying a few times it was time to step away from it. After a time you think that maybe you could catch up with the person, for me it was bumping into them. Having a conversation with them and then realising that it wasn’t a good thing to do.

I can relate to that.

I’d like to think that all of us have been there at one time. I hope for a lot of our sakes that many of us haven’t, but I think it is quite a common thing and I thought you know what, what a good thing to write about. The song developed over a long amount of time, I had the chorus for ages and even more, so I had the verse guitar piece for longer. Probably before the album came out, so five or six years. This was, I must admit, one of the first songs that I gave a little bit more to the other members to do. With the previous album it was more me saying I have these songs, and this is how I want them to go, whereas post that I found it very difficult to develop without the help of anyone else. I’m a person who looks to develop my skills and everyone else around me, so it was a good decision to work more on the songs together.

So then ‘Cover Talk’ off of ‘We Used To….’ has no connection to Talk?

Oh I’m surprised you brought that up! That’s the first time anyone has asked that. We have that song requested live more than I ever expected. But no it has no relation to Talk whatsoever. I did second guess myself when I thought about releasing Talk because the guys pointed out that we have Cover Talk. Both of them are…. Nope you know what they aren’t related at all.

The video for Talk is in black and white. Any reason for that?

Whilst you see the face members of the band. Myself, my brother Leith who plays bass, Jayson who plays drums and Tim who plays lead guitar, we do have several other members of the band who work behind the scenes. One of them is our quality, absolute top high end videographer Haili Luxa Idak from All Events Productions and she comes up with a lot of ideas. We bounce ideas off of each other and we don’t like making the ‘standard’ video. I might point out that this is going to be one of the only standard videos we ever release. So it was good to have Haili come in and help us develop this. I like the idea of having a story and more importantly one that relates to the song. Originally the video clip went through three changes, the first one was something shoddy like I rocked up at a café and met a girl and she didn’t like me. The next idea, which we took and filmed, was each band member getting his heart broken. On the day we were like this is awesome turns out looking back on it none of us can act!!! Thankfully Haili said, “I’ve put it all together, but I want you guys to know that I’m not happy with it.” We watched it and it will never be released!!! We are big fans of doing things to the standard that we like, its something that we have always said. If we are going to do it do it right. Haili said she had an idea and to give her a couple of weeks and she would send through an updated version. At this stage I was like screw it we aren’t going to release the song; we are going to can it (laughs) but she came back in two weeks with what is now our video clip.

Any secrets you want to divulge???

I can give you a few nifty secrets! Over the next couple of years we are going to be releasing a fair few singles. They will be accompanied with a music video and a limited piece of merch as well. At every gig we are going to be giving away something pretty special, that will only be to one person at each show. We have never done this before, but we have a special edition limited vinyl that we will be giving away to one person, we have another special item too, but I can’t tell you what that is.

Will you have vinyl for sale too?

Its basically going to be a giveaway. We don’t have the funds at the moment to do a vinyl run but we are trying to gauge interest at the shows. If we get 20-30 people asking then maybe we will look at it but at the moment we are keeping it super limited and special.

Well then I guess you know what to do! Jump on and grab a ticket to any of One More Weekend’s gigs to try and grab yourself a limited vinyl. Also go check out their new single ‘Talk.’

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