Adelaide’s Ouroboric released their second full length album back in November. With a new line-up and a slightly different sound Dead Boy: Zero is an album you should definitely give a listen too. I caught up with Mitch for a quick chat a few weeks back.

I was just looking at some of the song names on the album!

I don’t write them! I just write the music and bring the bagpipes out.

There are some interesting song names..

Yeah that’s our singer. One of his favourite bands is Japanese and he grew up with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, so he gets inspiration from there.

Tell me about the album

This album is a lot more melodic for us. It was what we wanted to do on the first one but didn’t due to cost. We are all working now so we have been able to achieve it this time. We’ve added keyboard, synth and bagpipes into Dead-Boy: Zero.

You’ve added a bit of everything!

Yeah. It was a mission and a half to learn the bagpipes.

So you learnt the bagpipes to play on a song?

Yeah. We tracked a bass solo for something different too, the song got more credit than I though it would to be honest. It’s a groovy song.

It’s a good album, I had a listen to it this morning. I’m digging it. It’s metal but it has a groove to it.

The whole line up is new besides myself and the vocalist. I play lead guitar and bagpipes and a bit of keyboard. With the new line up we hope the new album gives fans a taste of what to expect.

I was trying to work out earlier if I have seen you guys play before. Have you played at any of Adelaide’s metal festivals?

We played at Metal Down Under in Port Pirie and we are on the line-up for Heavy SA. Covid has pushed that back a few times now so we are looking forward to playing it. We also have a gig with the Hidden Intent boys In Port Pirie soon.

We did a sold out gig in October and it was so weird due to it being a sit down gig. Sitting down to a metal show is strange.

Yeah I went to the Hidden Intent gig in December and I agree with it feeling weird.

So will we see a headline gig for the album release?

The album came out in November last year but because of the whole Covid thing we couldn’t really do anything for the release. Port Pirie will be our album launch now. There are 3 album launches on that day. Us, Hidden Intent and Shattered Hourglass.

Has the writing process changed for you with the new members?

Yeah it is. It’s tricky getting together because some of the guys have families and side projects so we only get 2 hours of practise a week. Sometimes one of us will just bring a structured song and we tweak it together. Trying to write and practise in that time is difficult.  We have to choose what we are going to do, whether its practise or writing songs for the next album. We are only 3 songs in at the moment, so we nearly have enough for an EP. We just work around everything the best we can.

We’ve been really lucky over the years, being in the right spot at the right time to get noticed. We were lucky to have Ian Miller from Melville Recording Studio record and mix our album. The album came out sick.

Our latest single out is Electric Pantomime, and we are working on a film clip for that. Hopefully we will be playing a few more gigs around Adelaide in the near future. Our new album Dead Boy: Zero is on Spotify if you haven’t heard us before, hopefully people enjoy it.

Like I said I’m digging the new album, it’s metal but its more.

We don’t even know what we are to be honest, we are still trying to figure it out. Our first album was a big mix as well but if you listen to both you can hear how we have added the extra elements, including the bagpipes!

I like that you guys have done that. Bagpipes in metal!!!

I don’t think there are many metal bands around that have bagpipes. And like they say you don’t have to master an instrument you just need to be able to play it!!!

I think Mitch may be 100% correct with that!

You can check out Ouroboric below via the links:





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