Adelaide’s Ovtsider have just released a cracker new single ‘Coward.’ Vocalist Tom Drizners and I had quite the chat about the new single and what is on the horizon for the band.

I was just looking at all the gigs you have supported, and I didn’t realise I had seen you play so many times!! Pridelands, Alpha Wolf, The Gloom in the Corner, Life Pilot, No Zodiac…..

We played a lot of decent shows really, really quickly and then have just floated along. We lost the new band hype, so we had to go okay now we need to make an impact to get noticed. We’re not just that new band that pulls at shows, which is now Signals!

Off the back of a demo.

Yeah exactly. An interesting demo that isn’t even in the right tuning but that’s another story.


Na it is, at the time we wrote and recorded it in a certain tuning, but we have never ever played it in that tuning. Even when we were playing it live. I don’t know why but that’s what happened.

Okay tell me all about this new single. And where is the EP????

Well Jake and I wrote an EP about this time last year, when I say EP we wrote 6 songs. They were very much just demos. We sat on them and sat on them and then I decided I didn’t like any of these. Then Jake wrote what is Coward. We sent it off to Sam and Sam said it was good, but it was lacking some stuff. So it went back and forward a bit. He messed with it a lot, with the very Dregg vibes that it has. The weird guitars. I know you love Dregg, so if you know Dregg enough you will hear it and go that’s a bit of Sam in there. We think that is really cool. We love Dregg and we have been doing all our songs with Sam since Ache. He backed it and said just ditch the EP and we will start again. He suggested doing some single releases, so that was the plan after doing this so its in the works but kind of, I don’t know, floating around.

So it will be singles that will eventually go onto an EP?

Yeah that’s the plan at this stage I think. There is nothing official set in stone. We were going to do 6 singles over the year and them go hey this is an EP, but we have just all started throwing around new ideas. We have a couple of shows lined up in Melbourne so do we want to just go hey we are that band that just does singles, or do we want to go hey here is a chunk of music which is what Starve and ATLVS are doing by releasing EP’s. Or do we want to do single, do a bit of a tour, single do a bit of a tour if you know what I mean.

Works for Redhook!

Yeah exactly. We got a message on Instagram the other day saying, ‘I love the single, can’t wait for the album.’  And I was like Album!?! I was like bro we can’t even pull the money together to do an EP! It was funny.

So this song. Basically I locked Jake and I into a room together and wrote all those songs and then Jake wrote it, Harry does his drum stuff and Coen is there for good bants and being Coen. Going nope I don’t like that or yep I like that. It’s good, he has been a good fresh set of ears. Funnily enough its actually the first song that Jake has fully written for us. So Tristan who is in 23/19 now did Ache, then Jake wrote Blood and the week before we recorded it Joel rewrote the whole thing and went nup we are rewriting all of it. Then we went to Melbourne and Sam rewrote more of it so it is kind of the first time we are hearing Jake do what Jake does which is cool.

Lyrically it stems off the back of what Blood was about. I’ve had some people ask what it’s about and I’ve had other people say that is clearly about a pretty personal topic isn’t it. Which it is so I can only be as cryptic as possible with one song before I go fuck it I’m just going to say what I’m feeling again in a cryptic kind of non-cryptic way I guess. Blood did what it was supposed to do. The person that it is about messaged me within 3 hours of the song coming out asking if it was about them and I said yep. So they didn’t change what they were doing, they didn’t except what they were doing and kind of went Oh well instead of airing out your laundry why not talk to me. I was like I did, and you didn’t really listen to me. It sort of stayed how it is and I went you know what I’m just going to keep writing songs about it because it is pissing me off and I’m not an overly aggressive person, so I have to pick something.

I’m going to go back and listen to both of them a little bit more carefully.

I tired to throw a couple of, I don’t know, innuendos in I guess. Things that people can just grab onto as a whole, which was what Ache was written like. Ache isn’t personal, it’s a concept. Where as Blood and Coward are very, very personal. My partner sat me down after we did this one and said okay that’s enough, it’s time to write about something else. I was like I don’t know; I don’t know if I am done yet.

You’re on a roll.

I’ve got more. I can say things more black and white if I have too. I think I wrote a couple of different versions of lyrics, then as you do when you are tracking some of them actually sucked so I rewrote them. Then you stand there and go I don’t have anything! You want me to freestyle some lyrics? Haha

So that is kind of it. Sam had a good part in that again as he always does. I’m really good friends with Caleb who did our music video, he did the Agapanther Vacant video. We got talking when we were doing the Vacant video and I fill in for his mixed basketball team sometimes. I pitched an idea to him about having a really small room and flashing lights. I want people to feel what is going on. With Blood, before the world shut down, we planned on doing another video with him for that which didn’t happen so we thought we would just run with this one now. We are really happy with it. We have heard some really good things which is nice, it wasn’t expected. A few people that I have never spoken to before have hit us up going hey that was really cool. We are getting the vibe that you are setting and stuff like that. I just wanted it to be as much in your face as it could be. Caleb really ran with that and grew the story. He bounced a couple of ideas off of me and stuff like that. It is a completely different concept to what we originally had. The boys shut me down and said it was too much and to wait until we actually do something big. We have a couple of other story lines for videos sitting in the back of my mind. But we just went okay lets punch someone in the face in a video if we can do that.

Get your message across.

Yes again trying to be as very ‘Hey I don’t like what you are doing, you need to stop what you are doing.’ I hope that is what has come across in the video, that was the whole point.

I haven’t gotten around to watch the video. I’ll be honest. I’ve listened to the song heaps!

That’s okay. Haha that’s because you have been holidaying it up!

I’ve been so busy galivanting around the country side that I have a heap of catching up to do!!!! I have a shit load of emails to go through….

You’re just nonstop.  You’re always putting stuff out which is awesome because everyone is obviously always talking to you.

Now I have bands sending me their new songs that are coming out later in the year and asking my opinion! Like what the hell. I’m not even musical haha.

That’s the best though. Like you say not being musically inclined but actually having a decent set of ears.

I have had people say that if I put up a song and say go listen they will because they know it will be good.

Exactly. Your ears are worth gold, that’s the thing. You listen to so much stuff and you see so much different stuff. Yeah its only your opinion on something but you always back what you say, if you don’t like something you are probably going to say, ‘I don’t really fuck with that.’

I’ve been extremely lucky that every piece of music that has been sent to me has been of such an awesome standard. We are so lucky to have so many good musicians in Australia. I’m sure the day will come when I get something I don’t vibe with. I think like you said, I listen to so much stuff and it’s so varied that I can vibe with most music.

I think it’s really cool how the scene, over the last couple of years, has really grown. With the UNFD Social Club and  Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club type groups.  The Backbone boys, we love those boys, and the What We Did On The Weekend boys. Guys like them, and you as well, are people that we need.

I think its been great watching bands sharing the shit out of each other’s stuff too when there have been releases. Covid has been shit but it definitely has brought the scene closer together.

There has been a lot of that which has been really cool. Sam hit us up after we released the song, I sent him the video before I posted it. He was so stoked that we are just pushing through the shittest time ever for music and just giving it a crack. We are more or less a nothing bands. We are a speck at the moment but while no one is able to do much why not hit the ground running. It’s not like we are going to be able to tour so we may as well try and make the most of it and make a splash.

Get that traction happening now for the band so when things do start to pick up you are ready. You guys have a few gigs coming up with Anticline don’t you?

Yeah we do. I tried to book a couple of shows earlier this year but everywhere is either booked out or not doing shows. I have had a few bands on my mind for a long, long time to play with and having that gender diversity which is something we really want to do. It’s actually sick that some places are now making that a prerequisite.

You guys also got on the Heavy SA bill for this year.

Yeah that was really cool. It’s going to be different for us because  it’s a very different crowd to what we usually play. We’ve played with a bunch of bands on there before so that is going to be cool.

Have you ever been to one?


It’s the best day. One of my favourite days of the year.

I keep hearing that and I cant actually wait to play it, especially as it is sold out.  I’m keen to just get out there and say, ‘Hey this is what we are, and this is what we are doing.’

So regarding us that is where we are at. We are writing new music, the standard line! Trying to book shows, working out how and when and where and who with. We tracked ‘Coward’ in about August at Jake’s house, which was cool. We did the video the week before Christmas, then its been flat out getting everything like the art work and shit ready. Now it’s about keeping the momentum going.

With the constant lockdown/no lockdown that momentum is becoming pretty hard for bands to ride, and I admit I am probably biased because these are hometown boys but go give Coward a listen because it’s a bloody good tune.



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