‘Could I cut the ties I find are haunting all the demons that I left inside.

Could we tear all the paintings that were running dry’

Melbourne’s pop punk Paperweight have released a new single ‘Paper Anchors’. Once again the guys have come out with another catchy tune that gets you moving even though it touches on a more serious issue. Starting off slowly before building to the classic pop punk tempo we are used to from Paperweight they have produced another winner with this single After the release of their previous two singles the band have set their place in the local pop punk scene with this one.  

Lyrically this song is relatable with so many aspects of life:

PAPER ANCHORS is about being trapped in a vicious cycle that you want to escape. Being stuck in a routine that you’re struggling to break. Whether it be a relationship, a toxic friendship or just a much needed change. “Is this only temporary, are we too far in?”

This is the third single from Paperweight which begs the question….Is there an EP on the way??? Go follow their socials and keep up to date with what theses guys and gal are up to.

Watch the video clip for the song below:

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