The country may have been in lockdown but that hasn’t stopped new Melbourne pop-punk band Paperweight from releasing their debut single Waster which comes out tomorrow. I had a chat with them to find out more.

Who are Paperweight?

Paperweight was born in 2020. We are a band of 5 humans with pop-punk roots and a shared passion for music. We’ve all been in bands before (some of us even in bands together) so we’ve taken all of that musical experience and poured it into a band that we really believe in! We’re all about having fun – it’s cliché, but what better way to do that than to play music with your best friends?!

Where did the name Paperweight evolve from?

It actually kind of stemmed from a song we wrote called ‘Paper Anchors’ – it symbolises those things that you think are weighing you down but help you realise your own strength. Then that kind of translated into a band name and we landed on Paperweight!

You’re about to drop your first single “Waster “(which I’m really digging by the way) – is the writing process a shared project?

Thank you so much, really glad you dig it! It is absolutely shared – we’ve found that a mix of everybody’s writing strengths is the best formula. We love working together – we vibe really well as a team and I think that shows through our music.

Bands that influence you guys?

We have a pretty broad range of influences -we’re obviously heavily inspired by Sum 41, Blink 182, all your pop-punk Lords… but we love anything from Elvis to Iron Maiden to The Beatles to Maroon 5 to Neck Deep and everything in between

Have your release plans had to change due to Covid?

We were sort of lucky, in a sense – Covid launched itself before we had the chance to, so we had a bit of a head start. We saw the way the world was changing so we adapted our plans to suit – we are actually happy with the way it’s turning out (minus the covid) and just can’t wait to finally jump on a stage!

What’s up next for Paperweight?

Well, like every band right now, we’re keen to play some shows and tour with our friends! We have all been iso-writing so hopefully we can get some recording done when we’re allowed out again. In saying that, we do have a few tracks lined up and ready to release so stay tuned!

To stay tuned to what Paperweight are up to jump on their socials

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