Mitch Sigge -Vocals

Alan Lipsett – Bas

Dean Martin – Guitar

Jesse Grinde – Guitar

Liam Dauncey – Drums

Hardcore new comers Priorities have quietly snuck in and dropped their first single “If I Believed’. The 5 piece band hailing from Melbourne have created their unique and aggressive sound by blending 2000’s-era hardcore sounds with elements of a more contemporary djent, prog and metalcore sound. It’s a sound that I am really digging.

I caught up with Mitch Sigge and Jesse Grinde for all the goss on this new band!!

So you guys have just appeared from nowhere and dropped a ripper track! I had a listen to ‘If I Believed’ then went off to see what I could find out about you and then realised it was your first single.

Mitch: Yeah we’re a bit illusive! Just drop something and then disappear for a bit..

Jesse: Originally this wasn’t going to be a single. We just got tied up with this corona virus stuff and we wanted to save what was supposed to be our first single because we want an actual music video with it, but we couldn’t do the video. We wanted to put something out now, so that’s where ‘If I Believed’ came from. And now it’s a single!

Mitch: We’ve been together as a band for roughly a little over 12 months now. We had this idea to get everything sorted and get everything out there but obviously corona virus has hit and has definitely made things a little bit harder. We’ve had plans for music videos fall through and everything in between, so it does make life hard, especially here in Melbourne.

Have you guys been in bands before?

Mitch: We’ve all played in bands prior to this. Alan our bassist and I played in a hardcore band for a couple of years. I think Jesse and Dean jammed around together for a while

Jesse: Dean and I have never played in a band together, but we’ve always written songs together which is weird. I was in a pop punk band and I really didn’t think I’d end up in a hardcore band yet here we are!! It’s been fun though

Mitch: Yeah its fun. I think Dean and Liam played in another heavy band together for a few years. So we’ve all been in bands and been around the scene for a while. Other than Jesse whose been more around the pop punk side. I played pop punk there for a while as a guitarist as well.

What kind of music do you guys all listen to outside the band?

Mitch: I listen to a lot of metalcore and that sort of stuff. Dean is massively into bands like Rush and that era of music.

Jesse: I listen to a bit of everything. I’m really not tied down. I’ll even listen to something like funk, blues or jazz.

I’m a bit the same. Metalcore is my jam, actually it’s probably more on the djent/prog side.

Jesse: Yeah I love djent

Mitch: That’s probably Jesse and Dean. They’re definitely more in to that. I still listen to the old school hardcore bands like Carpathian and all the local bands from back in the day.

How has the new single been received?

Mitch: Fairly well considering we’re pretty unknown. Nobody has really heard of us, other than the usual family and friends who follow our socials like Facebook and Instagram. For a first release single of a band that nobody has ever heard of I personally think it has been received pretty well.

So you’ve obviously got enough for an EP???

Mitch: Oh yeah. We have a drop box file with 15-20 songs sitting in it that just need tweaking and playing with. Then it’s just choosing the right ones to go with. We were well and truly set into writing and finishing off the EP then getting into the room with Nathan (Sanderson) and then we got hit with all these restrictions. Between the lot of us we do have the technology and the equipment to record it but Sando is the go to guy for us to really get the sound that we want. We don’t want it coming out demo quality, so we are just playing the waiting game at the moment.

Jesse: Sando just sets the tone for it all. He just gets it. 

Mitch: He’s great. I’ve known Nathan for years just personally as mates. He’s played in bands before as well, a couple that we were in together.  It makes it easy to work with someone who is already a friend. He has all the know-how and knows what is going on with us. He’ll suggest things to make the songs better or throw out different ideas. It’s a really easy working environment.  

What’s the story behind ‘If I believed’

Mitch: Lyrically it was written in a really bad time for me. The inspiration came for it from then, the whole song wasn’t written at that point. I went through a pretty messy break up that left me couch surfing for about a month or so before things settled down and I moved into my cousin’s house. I don’t like to dwell or regress to those stages in life, but I think it’s important that when I was going through that I was finding music to help me get through. I was literally jumping between mates’ houses while still trying to work, live my life and keep the band going. It was a hard time. That was the main inspiration behind it, but I guess the whole message behind the song was a bit fuck you to the things that happened in life and how to get through it. That was where my head was at when I was writing it. Musically that was the boys and they killed it.

Jesse: Musically I drew inspiration for the guitar leads from almost like 80’s hard rock. All those windy leads. I stayed true to my ‘rocky’ self, whilst still keeping it hardcore. Dean is obviously the heaviness of the band; he wrote the breakdown which was pretty balls to the wall. I don’t know where he drew his inspiration from.

Who are some of the influences in your writing?

Mitch: For me personally lyrically I take a lot of inspiration from Caleb Shomo of Beartooth because I know he is very well rounded when it comes to speaking about what happens in life emotionally and all that sort of stuff. Jesse and I went to the Melbourne gig when they came here last and my partner and I got to meet him and pick his brain a little bit. (Sidenote: If anyone went to the Melbourne gig last year, it was Mitch who proposed to his partner!) For me he is probably one of the greatest writers of our generation. He’s only a year older than me and he’s on his second turn around of playing in an internationally renowned band. I know a lot of other artists that draw inspiration from the emotional side of life. Joel from Amity Affliction speaks a lot about depression and anxiety. And I think just through some of my life experiences it was very easy for me to write about that. I’m a pretty open person when it comes to talking about it. It wasn’t hard to open up about it. It was a pretty dark time and I did some stupid stuff that I regret but it is what it is. I’m in a happy and loving relationship now so I don’t like to dwell on that to much.

Jesse: I’m into a band called Novelists. The guitaring in there is just sensational. I draw a lot of inspiration from them or try to, I’m not that good!! And Beartooth as well.

Mitch: When you showed me Novelists they reminded me of Napoleon. That melodic, technical, punk hardcore kind of style. They’re really quite cool.

So it will be a while before you release your EP?

Mitch: Unfortunately yeah. Like Jesse was saying before we had another song lined up and we’re still in talks with Anthony, the guy who is going to do the music video for it. We were trying to get that sorted and then things obviously turned to shit. All the boys still communicate at least weekly if not daily about the music. But lockdown has made things really difficult. So it might be awhile before the EP gets released, but we are still working on music.

Jesse: Our music video is going to be priority number one. So once we can get together we’ll smash that out and release the single. Then after that we’ll probably try and smash out the EP, get it done quick smart.

Mitch: We don’t really have much of a time line. I’d love to have the music video and EP released by the end of the year, but we just don’t know. They are saying that in another few week’s restrictions will ease but that won’t be enough still for us to get together.

Yeah you probably need stage 2 restrictions before you can do much

Mitch: Yeah. I think we can class band practise as work or something like that. We need to be able to get 5 people in a room without it being an issue.

The good thing is people are stuck at home listening!

Jesse: That’s what I thought!

Mitch: That’s exactly right, that was kind of the inspiration behind even releasing something at this time. Everyone is stuck at home and people will come across it. We definitely have Pricey (The Faction, Collision Course) to thank for helping us project a bit more forward than what we were aiming at.

The way we came across Tim was he did one of those ‘is anyone releasing music in the second half of this year’ posts on Facebook and I messaged him. He replied and I sent him through our two tracks. So the one that has been released and the one that was supposed to be our first single.  He was like ‘Yeah that’s sick’ and sent me through all the Collison Course stuff so that was great.

He’s done so much for the industry through The Faction because there wasn’t really anywhere that played metalcore.

Jesse: It’s really hard to break into the scene right now. There’s so much oversaturation in the market because everyone is trying to get in there. You typically hear about the big bands so how are you going to get into some of the smaller guys that are around.

That’s where I come in!! I pick up a lot of the smaller bands. There is so much talent in the smaller bands that are just starting out.  At the moment the smaller bands are absolutely killing it.

The Melbourne scene is just so cool, it’s like one big family

Mitch: I’ve been around Brisbane and stuff. They have some great bands coming out of the other states, but I’ve never seen a scene that is as tight knit as the Melbourne scene is. It seems everyone that is in it knows someone from a band and you all end up becoming friends. It’s really cool to see that.

It’s been so good seeing all the bands backing and supporting each other with releases through Covid, not only the Melbourne scene but right across Australia.

Mitch: I’ve had people from bands in the scene message me saying how great the new song is which is so good.

I have to agree with those people. Go give ‘If I Believed’ a spin and hit up Priorities socials in the links below. Very keen to see where these guys are heading!!

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