Having bands I haven’t heard of flick across my desk makes me happy.  These guys made Monday morning a lot more bearable that’s for sure. The melodic hardcore outfit from Wollongong recently announced a new EP ‘Kingdom’ which will be released on Friday March 19th. The band says, “The EP as a whole is just a reflection of life in all forms through the year of 2020, the emotions, the highs and lows written as genuinely as possible and communicated the same.”

With that announcement came their latest single ‘Wilted’, a song about hurt, the hurt experienced by so many people the world over – pain of loss, the pain of not knowing, and the pain of change.

Their no-compromises attitude towards their music means that no sacrifices are made in the intensity in their sound from their electric live show to the recording studio. Proposal have maintained their appealing melodic hardcore vibes, while bringing influence from the heavy culture that surrounds them.

The Kingdom EP was Recorded and written by Proposal, Mixed and Mastered by Evan and Ash at Loud Noise Estate and the video was Filmed and Edited by the band themselves during COVID lockdown.

Proposal have a gig with Teeth and Karma at The Burdekin Hotel coming up in a few weeks.

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