Sydney Shire trio RADICALS are bringing back the grunge! I caught up with vocalist Brandon to find out who RADICALS are and what we can expect to see from them in the near future.

You guys are relatively new?

Yeah we have only been around for just over 12 months.

You’ve played with some pretty impressive bands already.

We got pretty lucky.

Ruby Fields and The Dead Love aren’t bad bands to be supporting!

It’s been awesome.

What do we need to know about RADICALS?

We are three mates that grew up around the shire here in Sydney, I play guitar and sing. One of my mates from high school Nick plays bass and one of my friends from primary school Myles plays drums. Our sound is kind of grunge/alt rock, very 90’s sounding. We have played a heap of shows around our local area and one in Queensland. We have a lot of mates up there and we try to bring them down here whenever we can. We are heading back up there for some shows in early April.

It’s been pretty crazy. It’s all happened very quickly. We have had a lot of sold out shows which is insane. We have had a fair amount of streams on the two songs we have already released. Everyone seems to be liking the music which is great.

I think are going to get a bit crazier come Friday when you release ‘I hate myself’!!! I have listened to it so much; I just love it.

Thanks so much that means a lot. We just love playing music, so whether people end up liking it or not doesn’t really matter, but if they do we are happy.

You guys only have the three singles? Well will have three singles.

One of our songs isn’t on Spotify at the moment. That was our first song, we have made some changes to it, so this will be our fourth single. Hopefully we will go in to record an EP in the next few months. We just want to play as many shows as we can at the moment around this single and then see what happens. Hopefully we can get enough money to record some more songs.

That’s the big thing isn’t it.. money! Tell me a bit about the new single.

It’s definitely the most personal one that we have written. I guess when people hear the title of the track it seems a bit hectic. I guess the basic meaning behind the whole song is that it’s okay not to like yourself sometimes and to not feel good about yourself. That things usually get better. The verses are doubtful and stressful, but the chorus is happier. It tackles anxiety, depression, bipolar, all those kind of mental illnesses that really suck. It’s a reminder to just keep your head up, that it is okay not to feel okay. It’s our favourite song that we have released so far.

We just want to let people know that we are here writing music and playing shows.  We will be up in Brisbane to play two shows, one at Greaser Bar on the 2nd April and one at O’skuligans on the 3rd April, with some other bands so that is exciting. We are keen to get up there again.

You guys are bringing the grunge back so who are your influences?

Definitely the obvious ones like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. Some of the more recent bands would be Highly Suspect, cleopatrick who are from the US. Two and three pieces who I feel we kind of mirror a lot of their sound just cos of how much we blast all their songs. It’s weird, I listen to mainly rock and heavy music, Myles listens to rap and indie and Nick listens to jazz and all this cool stuff.

Sounds like my daily playlist!

I feel like when anyone listens to that many different varieties of music it’s the best way to experience music. Especially when you are in a band where the people all have those different tastes. I feel like when it comes together it creates something special most of the time.

Can we expect more singles after this one?

We have heaps of songs that we play live, but we haven’t really recorded any yet. We are trying to nail it down to five or six good ones to record. We have been going single by single, which is cheaper than recording a whole bunch, but we want to get in and record a heap.

So you guys don’t do any of that yourselves?

We probably should start doing that, but we haven’t yet.

You have 100,000 streams on the music you have already released. That’s not bad.

Yeah we still don’t know really what the hell is going on!

We also have a music video for the latest single that will drop on the 31st March. We are very excited about it.

I’m very excited about RADICALS. If your in the area grab a ticket to go and check these guys out. If your not go and hit up their socials and spin their latest single ‘i hate myself’

Tickets for RADICALS Brisbane shows are here:





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