Repetition makes it stay the same

So don’t repeat what you did yesterday

Become the predator not the prey

I know it’s hard when you feed negativity.

Today Relapse have released ‘Sabotage’, a new chapter in their story. Ethan and I sat down to talk about Sabotage and the bands new direction.

God damn I am loving Sabotage!

Yeah I froth it, it’s my favourite thing in the whole world. I’ve never been more happy with a piece of art or work than I am with Sabotage. None of our other songs have ever made me feel like this one does. This is exactly the type of shit that I want to hear. I love my heavies, and I love my singies and it just has everything that I could want in a track. I am super stoked. Jacob’s riff is just fucked, the intro is just insane.

And that breakdown towards the end and that little sneaky squeal.

You are literally getting slapped the whole song. That’s what I like.

And you are singing!!!! Woah!!

Yeah, I really wanted to sing. I prefer singing over screaming these days I reckon. Don’t get me wrong I still love screaming.

Ok big question, what is going on with you guys????? It’s like same but different!

Na it’s not it’s completely different really. It’s still heavy but we aren’t into the techier stuff anymore, we just like riffs, we like bounce and we like groove. The four of us just really gel well with the same ideas. Over the last year I have been listening to heaps of singing styles. I started getting lessons with David from Belle Haven in November last year. I’ve had a few lessons with him and it’s been sick. This is the new direction Relapse are going in, I think we have really refined our sound. We have figured out what is working and this track is very cohesive. I think that is also another thing that has really helped. In the EP (Psychotherapy) I was only 19, which isn’t really that long ago, and I was very vocal hungry. I wanted to do the most hectic shit and I did that; I have nothing left to prove. Now I just want to write songs and have the whole band gel off of each other, not all of us trying to fight for the spotlight. This new track shows how cohesive we are, everyone is shining the whole time.

I knew this track was going to be good but you guys have blown me away.

It’s a whole new feel to it now I think. It’s going to catch people off guard but in a good way. I was nervous thinking about how people would react when we hit them with cleans but then I was like man this song is sick. Fair enough everyone has their own opinion but man I love this song; we all love it. We are just writing genuine music. Everyone is going to have an opinion on it but you can’t let other people’s opinion get to you. As long as you are happy with it that is all that should matter. I can listen to it and separate myself from Relapse and just listen to it as a listener. Whereas before I would listen to my songs and know it was us and be like yeah, I’m over it. I just keep continually going back to Sabotage.  

Guessing you will be playing it in Melbourne over the weekend!!! (The boys are playing at Stay Gold with Earthbound, Nicholas Cage Fighter and Cerement)

Bloody oath we will!

Lucky Melbournite’s getting it live before we do

Yeah. We had the release date locked in months before we got this show. Honestly this is going to sound weird but with everything that has happened, I feel like there are so many stars aligning for this one track. Everything that has happened from January until now, what has been happening with the song, our merch and the PR release, the stars seem to have aligned for this to be massive. I’ve just been getting all these signs. Even our merch sign, when I first purchased that and plugged in the led screen, as it turned on it started flashing red, green and blue. The colours red, green and blue are related to the lyrical content of Sabotage.  Basically I went to therapy and I got taught about a thing called The Window of Tolerance, there is a section in Sabotage where it refers to two of those colours. Our new merch design also has a Window of Tolerance theme with the colours. I’ve just got such a good feeling about this song.

Do you remember when you asked me a while back about my predictions for this year? What did I say? That you guys were going to take off.

Yeah you did. I hope we do; we are putting in heaps of work. Being able to play in Melbourne is going to be amazing too. I love Jase and Burgo from What We Did On The Weekend so much, they have been so helpful.  The Inhibitor boys too. I’ve made so many friends this year, really good people, so I am really excited to see what the rest of the year is going to hold for us.

Talk me through Sabotage and what is behind the song.

It’s about past traumas resurfacing and you self-sabotaging what ever it is that you are doing.  I wrote it as a message to myself, that no matter what happens you can’t let that shit take control of you. Be it relationships, your job, things that happen in your life. Being in that constant fight or flight mode because of anxiety and what not. You are basically at war with yourself, a daily constant loop ruminating on shit. One of the lines in the song is “Ruminate to enforce the pain”, every time you think about it and let these things affect you it’s reinforcing itself on you. It becomes a habit and you need to switch up what you do everyday to break the pattern. I feel like people put limits on themselves, if you hold yourself at limitless potential you can overcome anything.  I firmly believe that is how strong anyone’s brain is. Don’t play victim to your mind-set, you can overcome and control it, don’t let it control you. You can’t control what you think of but you can definitely control how you feel towards it and filter it. Your mind doesn’t own you; you own your mind. It’s a hard thing to do but keep going.

I have so much love for this band and have been saying for the last few years that they are going to be big. The growth and maturity these boys have shown in Sabotage just proves that to me. If your in Melbourne tomorrow night do yourself a massive and grab a ticket to the gig:

If your like me and will miss out then check out the clip below and hit up the boys socials.

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