Yesterday I got to catch up with one of my favourite humans in the music scene Liam Guinane. It was so nice to be able to talk face to face over Zoom and we had a bit to catch up on!

Congratulations on your latest single ‘Fallen’

Yes we put out a new song which is very exciting. We have been sitting on it for a while too. It was supposed to come out around April, but we have been playing it live for the last 12 months. The Eat Your Heart Out tour was the first time we decided to start playing it. It feels very cathartic to finally have it out there for people to listen too.

Tell me all about ‘Fallen’

The song is called ‘Fallen’. It was a song that we wrote pretty shortly after the release of ‘The Light That You Saw’. It was the first time that I actually wrote something that wasn’t directly a life experience story. It came from an experience that I had but I tried to take it to an extreme. The idea of unrequited love and having two different people never being on the same page at any given point. That was the concept that I had in my head. I started writing it. I had the core progression and the music, but the lyrics came a lot later. We recorded it all ourselves as we have been known to do. The video we had planned to do quite a while ago and then it got pushed back because of Melbourne restrictions. Even when it relaxed a bit we still didn’t come in under the 10 person rule.  But we were really luck and found a little spot in between the two lockdowns. The video actually turned out as we had originally intended it to. It looked exactly how I had imagined it when we were pitching the idea. It was filmed and edited pretty much by us as well.

Does that mean we might get another EP?????

We are actually writing at the moment. We are actually working on an album at the moment that I am hoping is going to come out sometime in the first quarter of next year. I’m really looking forward to people hearing that actually. I’m excited about this song being out, because of the fact that we have been sitting on it for a really long time. The music that we are making now feels very different and exciting because we are kind of moving away from that sound. That was the big thing coming off the back of the last EP, it felt like we had done that sound. I know people know us for that, but now we want to show that we can be a little bit more than the alternative emo band.

So yes we are working on new music. I think that has been a blessing in disguise with the whole Corona thing. I haven’t had to go to work, so I have been able to literally focus on writing music pretty much every day. Which has been really cool and fortunate because now we have a lot of music. We also have something else that we are hoping to put out before the end of the year that is a little bit different. It’s not new music but its just something we are hoping to put out there.

I can’t believe I have been so busy seeing as there is nothing happening. And thank goodness for Zoom.

Zoom had definitely been a saviour for us in the band, doing the video call thing. That has probably been the biggest effect we have had, not being able to have that immediate response; being able to discuss things and do things together face to face. At the moment it’s been me and Dylan pirating the ship a little bit and keeping things moving. Particularly with this campaign. Luckily previously to that we were all able to do things together. That face to face talking has definitely had an impact on the way we have to make things now.

Has the single been well received?

I’ve been pretty happy with it. We’ve gotten the tip of the hat from Kingsmill and that is something that has been exciting to see. It’s reaching the places that I wanted it to go. I don’t think this song is the one that is going to break us or anything like that. It puts us in a good position that if people hear it they may go ‘Oh I’ve heard that name a few times I might go and check out what they are doing’.

I think what I have learnt during this lockdown is that my priorities have changed a lot and I realised that I wasn’t really doing it for the people that are listening, I’m doing it for myself. It is partly that I want to have that quality control a little bit and make sure that we are always improving for those that do listen to us. Starting from this song and beyond, going into what we are doing next, it definitely feels like we are doing what we want rather than what is expected of us.

I think a lot of bands have used this time to reflect on the direction they want their music to go. It’s getting harder to put bands into specific genres.

We are already seeing it now, but I think that’s were music is heading. You know when people ask what music will sound like in 10 years’ time, I think that is where things are headed. I think that pendulum of blending genres will see genres not exist. I think for younger people especially it’s all just music. The way I have chosen to look at it is more like, instead of it being genres, I like to think of it kind of like music is an exploration of different human emotions. Sometimes different styles are able to capture that a lot better. Humans are pretty complex. We don’t necessarily just feel happy or sad so being able to blend those different emotions creates something a little bit unique. I think we will end up finding that people will follow bands rather than styles of music and follow the way those bands execute the blending of those genres. I guess that’s how I see music in 10 years. And then probably 10 years after that it will swing back the other way again. We’ll find everyone wants to go back to the traditional sound because we’ve had the ‘whacky 2020’s’. It’s all music, it’s all an expression and it’s all art.

I guess that’s just coming from a point of view because a lot of the music that I try to make is to attempt to provoke an emotion or response.

You usually make us cry… but that’s ok!!

I’m actually very happy now. I don’t feel as sad as I used to do. I feel that the music is going to reflect that. Instead of making people cry I want to make them dance a little bit more.

You actually look a lot happier. Ophelia must be doing good things for you

She’s great, she is definitely helping. But even this lockdown, like we were saying before about the changing in priorities and refection. The way I spend my time now is a lot different. One of my favourite things to be doing is hiking and just enjoying nature. It’s been really cool just taking the time to appreciate the world that is around us. Not everything is great all the time but having the ability to do that helps. It started off as an exercise thing, but it also helps with the clearing of your mind.

I find that too which is why I spend so much time hiking in the National parks around me. Doing my page has been really good for me too because I miss that connection you get through gigs, and I miss seeing all you guys. So these zoom calls have been really good for my mental health and keeping that connection.

I’ve really been missing the going to gigs and I feel that as well with the connection thing. Even the last couple of months I hadn’t seen or spoken to the Windwaker guys. We’ve started playing Fortnight, so we started a group chat which was how I reconnected with them again. I was talking to the boys today and we are going meet up to have a show and tell once we can so we can see what we have all been up to!

Did you have tours planned for the year?

We actually have had four tours booked and cancelled; it was the same tour, but it just kept getting pushed back. It was a headline tour for us. Like I said earlier we were going to release in April and then we were going to tour in May. Obviously, everything happened so it got cancelled. We released the single and then had the tour booked for October. We made the decision pretty early that it probably wouldn’t happen, we also haven’t been in the rehearsal room together in over 6 months. The last time we played together was the boat party. I didn’t feel confident about getting a show together that would really be worth the ticket price. The venues we had booked had certain limitations and restrictions as well. In order to make the tour break even we would have had to charge more just to cover the costs. Then you have the travelling between states as well. It just didn’t feel right. We have some dates on hold for early next year for something a little bit different. We decided if the world is going to be the way it is for now let’s do a seated show, so it’s going to be something a little more chilled. Again it’s something to showcase that we can be a little bit more than just the one trick pony. Nothing is confirmed we will just see what happens.

What else have you been up to in lockdown?

I’ve been listening to a lot of older music. I have this belief that the music that you listen to manifests its way into the music that you write.  I’ve gone back and listened to some of my favourite bands from the 80’s, the albums that you would consider iconic pop albums.  I’ve been trying to go back and piece together what made those albums stand the test of time. A lot of the newer music that has been put out I’m super late to the party on!

It was so awesome to be able to chat with Liam and I am super keen to hear the results of what Reside have been writing during lockdown. Something to look forward to in the new year!

Their latest single ‘Fallen’ is out on all platforms.

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