Brisbane’s Revoid have released a beautifully haunting, reimagined version of their single ‘Cut Me Down’. When the band first released ‘Cut Me Down’ vocalist Dale Dudeson had this to say about the single:

“I wanted the song to really hit home on an issue that is often very hard to talk about, from a perspective that some of us figure out far too late. Depression and suicide are tough things to handle in any capacity. Whether you’re dealing with the issues yourself, or whether you’re the one that’s there for someone that is, it’s so easy to find yourself hopeless and helpless in the times where you need it the most.

He went on to say that he has always had quite a personal relationship with death, and his own mortality. “…when I play this song, everything becomes very real for me, but that’s kind of the point. I know I’ve felt the way the lyrics describe more often than I’d like, and I know that many other people out there have too. I wrote this song for my own expression, but also for the those who will hear it to scream their lungs out to during a rough time, as I have so often done before, and to let people know that in spite of how things may feel or seem, you are loved.”

Jack, Dale and Josh sat down with me to explain why they wanted to show a softer side of Revoid.

You guys have been a bit busy recording a reimagined version of ‘Cut Me Down’.

Jack: Yeah we have been.

Dale: We have been working on new stuff as well.

Tell me about Cut Me Down and why you have reimagined it.

Dale: I guess for the original Cut Me Down it was more an explosive representation of all the things we were trying to convey between depression, suicide, anxiety. All those sorts of mental health issues that are tied into it. We all love that song; we actually love hearing it which is really rare as a musician. Given that we are all from different musical backgrounds we tried to do an alternative spin on the song. Give it a more relaxed feel, more depth to the song rather than the gritty undertones of general metalcore. That was what we were aiming for with this. I feel like we got there but I guess time will tell.

You have all the links to the helplines, obviously the song touches pretty heavily on someone reaching the point of suicide.

Dale: In a personal realm it does, it effects the people we know and the people around us so it has always been a part of us as a band and as individuals. Even outside of the band with friends and family. Life isn’t always all sunshine and roses.

You mentioned coming from different musical backgrounds.

Dale: When I was a kid growing up I was very unwell, I made a lot of hospital trips over long distances. The one album that, I think for all intents and purposes, was stuck in the CD player was ‘The Greatest Hits of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’. I was a Chilli Peppers fanatic. That comes out a little bit in our music but for this particular song reimagined it was it leans towards my instrumental learning. I learnt classical piano and harp as a kid.

Oh wow its not often you hear of people learning the harp. You should throw some harp into your songs.

Dale: It was an accident apparently, I just had one! Honestly if we could, we would, but we don’t record very well let alone adding classical instruments. This song is very piano orientated and we have tried to really boost the vocal harmonies and give them a really classic ballard feel. We have followed that up with a more modern synth sound to balance it out. We tried to let our older influences shine through a little bit more and our softer, deeper side as mushie as that may be.

I like when bands reimagine their songs. Is shows diversity.

Jack: We are just trying to make our mums happy to be honest (laughs). Every time Mum hears a song she is always asking why there is screaming in it, so this is the answer. I’m hoping that people hear this version, and for the people that don’t understand the screaming, they will actually be able to understand the lyrics now and get the song a bit more.

Josh: Part of doing it for this song was that to try and reach a new audience with that message. This message is common in the metalcore scene but it is still something that everybody should know about. There is also still a bit of that stigma around it all as well. Writing a more ‘pop’ or accessible version with this message I think can help.

Absolutely, it is such an important topic to talk about.

Jack: Back to influences, mine have changed over the years. I used to be big on punk stuff like Greenday, Simple Plan, Blink 182. Everyone who is in to metal now probably listened to them. My first kind of taste of heavy music was Bullet For My Valentine, I still love them to this day. It’s changed a lot over the years. It’s cool that metal is becoming more accepted in the main stream.

Josh: When I was seven or eight I asked to learn how to play guitar. I always wanted an electric guitar.

Dale: And you never got your wish!

Josh: Na I’m still don’t know how to play guitar (laughs). My parents brought me an acoustic guitar and I had lessons, I decided that I hated it because I wanted an electric guitar. I gave up for a bit and when the Guitar Hero craze happened I was playing heaps of it. When I heard Metallica on it that was it, I was like alright I am into metal and stuff. I probably became a little bit too obsessed with Metallica, a lot of my high school mates would say that! My first jump from there would have been to Bullet For My Valentine.

Jack: That was your first taste of ‘screaming music’ really. It was still tasteful, now we just love breakdowns and pig squeals.

What’s next for Revoid?

Dale: One thing we wanted to reiterate with this reimagined version is given that we are working on new material we don’t want this song to be an indicator of where we are heading because I promise what is to follow is going to be completely the opposite direction.

Jack: It’s going to be a big curve ball.

Josh: I know so early in our career this is a very strange song choice to put out.

It’s not really because its showing your diversity and musicianship as a band.

Dale: Exactly, we have always wanted to be about diversity, we didn’t just want to be the breakdown, pig squeal band. We wanted to show that we have a love for everything and communicate to everyone that is in our audience. We wanted to come out with Cut Me Down, and that was really well received and the reimagined version is to show that we can do that more low-key stuff, be a bit more emotive and have that depth. And then we will get back to the stuff that is fun to play live, that will make you think ‘Wow where was this when I needed it.’

Revoid are: Dale Dudeson – Vocals Jack Carey – Guitar/Vocals Josh ‘Krusty’ Gudgeon – Guitar Nick Watson Drums.

If you feel at any point you need help or support please talk to someone or contact your local crisis centre.

LIFELINE – 13 11 14

KIDS HELPLINE – 1800 551 800



BEYOND BLUE – 1300 22 46 36

HEADSPACE – 1800 650 890

QLIFE – 1800 184 527

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