I feel it on my chest, it’s sinking in again

The weight of the world around my neck

This is goodbye for now, you never cared before

Now you can cut me down once more

Following on from the release earlier this year of their EP ‘Reform and Regret’ Brisbane based Revoid have released a new single today ‘Cut Me Down’

The dark side of depression is a pretty ugly place, ‘Cut Me Down’ delves into that darkness. It took me a bit to write this because I just couldn’t find the words to describe the emotions that this song evoked. The loneliness, isolation, despondency and complete desperation you feel when you are in that dark, dark place. Revoid have projected those feelings in the vocals and music of ‘Cut Me Down’. Being in that place where you think nobody gives a fuck and in turn being unable to reach out for help or reaching out and being dismissed or ignored. It’s honestly the worse place to be when your screaming for help and no one is hearing you. Isolation, substance abuse and rage can drag you further down into that place of despair but as the band says with support you can come out the other side.

With a warning at the beginning of the video that viewer discretion is advised, the clip contains themes surrounding mental health, suicide and distressing incidents.

The clip is pretty in your face, and big ups to the band for not being afraid to put out an exceptionally graphic video to go with the song. For anyone who hasn’t experienced being in that dark place it may shed some light on what exactly goes through someone’s mind. For those that have been there, well you know. It’s obvious that Revoid have put an awful lot of time and thought into the making of the clip and the end result is extremely well put together.

The clip ends with a quote, saying that Some Storms are best weathered together. and if you only take one message from this song then that is the most important. Even though its hard, keep asking until someone listens. Don’t ever give up on yourself.

Vocalist Dale Dudeson said that he “…wanted the song to really hit home on an issue that is often very hard to talk about, from a perspective that some of us figure out far too late. Depression and suicide are tough things to handle in any capacity. Whether you’re dealing with the issues yourself, or whether you’re the one that’s there for someone that is, it’s so easy to find yourself hopeless and helpless in the times where you need it the most.

He went on to say that he has always had quite a personal relationship with death, and his own mortality. “…when I play this song, everything becomes very real for me, but that’s kind of the point. I know I’ve felt the way the lyrics describe more often than I’d like, and I know that many other people out there have too. I wrote this song for my own expression, but also for the those who will hear it to scream their lungs out to during a rough time, as I have so often done before, and to let people know that in spite of how things may feel or seem, you are loved.”

Revoid have really put their heart and soul in to this track. From the lyrics, to the music and accompanying clip. Apart from it carrying a huge message this song sonically is extremely good and I’m keen to see more from these guys.

If you or anyone you know needs to reach out for support:

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