Known for her distinctive sound that expertly blends the old with the new to create an irresistible combination of folk-rock and blues with a vintage Americana twist, Brisbane’s sonic enchantress Ruby Gilbert recently released her heart-aching single ‘No Vacancy’.

Gilbert’s sultry vocals are the driving force of the song, her crystal clear tone dripping with an aching passion that simultaneously yearns for romance whilst drowning in hopelessness. This is echoed in the lyrics written while Gilbert was on tour, travelling from one hotel room to the next. Gilbert explains:

“’No Vacancy’ is about the early stages of a romance and the inevitability of it coming to an end. I wrote the song in 2018 and was on tour at the time and had been spending a lot of time in hotel rooms, which I felt fit the theme of the song.”

Since the release of her debut EP ‘Dearly Beloved’ in 2018, Ruby Gilbert has been turning heads with her musical prowess. She has received a Queensland Music Award nomination for her debut single ‘Oh Bones’, has played multiple prominent festivals around Australia including BIGSOUND and has opened for the likes of C.W. StonekingJustin Townes Earle and The Teskey Brothers.

Check out ‘No Vacancy’ below:

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