On the back of a few killer singles Rumours dropped their sophomore EP ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ on Friday. It’s only March but this EP has gone straight to the top of my releases for 2021 so far. I caught up with guitarist Harry Coote a few weeks back for a lengthy chat.  I kind of had a plan on how this interview was going to go but apparently Harry and I get side tracked as bad as each other……

Your EP is insane. It’s not at all what I was expecting but in a good way!!

Thank you. It’s been a long time coming. We actually wrote the first song back in February 2019 or something. Because we were living in two different states at the time, Ben and myself were still in Wagga, it just made it really hard. Obviously we wanted to take our time with it and all that as well. I think the plan was to release it in April last year and then Covid happened, and we couldn’t finish the music videos. That was a big one actually, I keep forgetting about it. The music was done but we just couldn’t get the videos done. There was a lot of talk around do we compromise and do visualization videos instead, but we were all happy to just wait it out.

I got such big Bring Me The Horizon vibes. Particularly from the first two songs If Only You Could Feel Something and The Same Kind.  Let’s maybe go through each song on the EP!

The EP itself is very much about expressing yourself and who we all are as people. I just want to say, so it’s fair to the other boys, what I say to you is my interpretation of what it is.  It will mean different things to Jackson, Justin and Ben.

The same as the listeners taking something different out of them.

Exactly. Lyrically I can’t help as much with some of the background stories. I know what they are about obviously, but Jackson writes the lyrics. I think that is honestly my favourite part about it, that it is an interpretation thing. Its not just one concrete ‘we wrote this song because I broke up with my girlfriend’ kind of deal. Its just fucking, oh I’m allowed to swear aren’t I?

Yeah go for it!!! So how has ‘Mania’ been received?

We are all stoked with it. We have loved how it has been received. We haven’t really received too much negativity on it. I think in saying that if you don’t get a little bit of negativity you haven’t created something. It’s weird to us too because we sat on it for so long that to have it actually out in the world, and having people say they actually love the song is awesome. We love it too. Because we were gearing up to do the EP we were playing it at shows pre Covid because it was the first one to be completed. Incredulous is on their with a new mix too.

I really love Incredulous, it’s such a tune.

We had already dropped it, but it just fit into the EP. We had another song, that was actually my favourite, that got canned because it didn’t suit what we were trying to achieve. I loved it as a song, but it just didn’t fit the rest of the vibe.

I was expecting songs in the vein of Paralysed, I was blown away when I listened to the EP for the first time. Not that Paralysed is not good, it was my favourite Rumours song. (We then went off on a 5 minute tangent about other shit….)

So the short answer to that question was yes!! Its so nice to finally do something again. Ben and I have only just moved to Melbourne, we tried to get here all last year and things just kept not lining up. Now we are all in the one spot. There was a point when we sat down, and we were just like Fuck it’s not going to come out is it. It’s the best music we have ever made and its not going to see the light of day. It became a bit miserable.

It’s nearly out now and I think it’s safe to say that the wait has been very worth it. Who mixed and mastered it for you? Or did you guys do it all in-house?

Chris Lilac from Windwaker did all that for us. He is an absolute freak at it really. We’ve done two other EP’s before this and he has always been our go-to guy. We went to high school with him. It makes it a lot more fun to me, working with your mates. He sent us the first mix and we were stoked with it. Ball park figure, we wrote 10 or 12 songs in total, even if they were just little riffs. The way we did it was we would go in and write, go home and listen to them a couple of times then work out what to keep. Once you start picking what your favourite parts were it really made a lot more sense. I guess with the whole idea of expressing yourself being the central focus, and how you should just be able to be yourself without being criticised for it. Us writing this, we are all still learning adults trying to make our way through the world. Each song we would bring a new aspect in, like the last four months I have grown this much so I want to talk about this. Once the songs started lining up you could see the actual expression itself that we were trying to get across. Some of the songs unfortunately didn’t make sense to add after that. It was like putting the song in there just for the sake of it. I think the hardest part was arranging the order the songs went on the EP.


We are trying to get something together now. Obviously its all been up in the air with Covid. This is just my personal take; I am in two minds about Covid touring. It was obviously hard with the borders shut and we really haven’t been able to practise for a while. I can’t say what it would look like or when it would be but it’s definitely going to happen. We won’t compromise on the tour and like I said Ben and I have only been in the same city as the other guys for about 6 weeks now. On top of that there is the whole sit down show aspect. I think that is over now but for a while there it was a whole new world of touring. Personally I don’t think they are my vibe, only because I want that experience.  

Okay so let’s go back to the EP. Tell me about the songs.

So as I said a big central point encompassing all the songs, I guess because we were growing as people at the same time, is that we want to encourage people to talk about and be themselves. I think that is especially important after Covid because it was so fucking full on at certain points.  Many people didn’t talk about themselves or necessarily be themselves for a while. With so much going on if someone wanted to be a bit, for lack of a better word extra in their persona, they were sort of almost demonized I found. MGK wore a dress, and everyone was like this is the leading pop punk dude????? He pulled that dress the fuck off, better than I could! The songs are about expressing yourself, being all of who you are, taking pride in yourself. And don’t give a fuck if people don’t take pride in you. That is such an oxymoron isn’t it?

I have finally hit that. I just don’t give a fuck anymore what anyone thinks. I am unapologetically me.

I think ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ is the song that most encourages not giving a fuck. Some of the lyrics we wrote in that.

I only wrote two lines on the whole EP and they are in the opening verse of that song. Speaking for myself it’s obviously biased but they are my favourite lyrics on the whole EP. “Says she got something on her mind now, Says she want to fuck with the lights out.” I wrote that just cos what we used to do was we would pick a melody that we found, so all the instruments came first apart from Neurosis which was all Jackson. That is all him pouring his heart out about something. Ah fuck me I’ll just stick to one song at a time….. So IOYCFST was so fun to us, like the riff in it was fun, it is where we had the most fun, everything was such fun. Shit I’ll say fun again!!! It all came together, and we were just throwing ideas at it. Like throwing shit at a wall and hoping something would stick. We had the basic structure, but we knew it needed something. The breakdown in it was originally written as a joke. We were like it would be really fucking funny if we did this, that would be really interesting. It was one of those things that actually stuck. For a couple of weeks there we were like nope we hate it, oh no we like it. We would sneakily ask our mates for their opinion on it. The general consensus was that it was cool. Okay fuck it, it can stay.  Writing the lyrics for that, we were all just sitting around on bean bags in Lilac’s room . We’d pick a melody we liked and try and match syllables up to it. You would sort of get an idea about what you were writing about during that. The song is very much about your heart not being in a relationship anymore. Your heart is just not in life really.

Groundhog Day

Yeah you wake up and do the same shit. You’re not really happy. You’re not living, if that makes sense. That’s another point of the whole EP too, don’t just be complacent. Through expressing yourself you are going to grow. You need to be comfortable with the fact that you are going to be uncomfortable.

So that’s really the music as a whole. Track by track they all go through different stories. Of different ways of how we ultimately wanted to progress, because we were progressing as people while we were doing this EP. That’s why we made the Facebook group. We talk this big talk about wanting people to express themselves, we want people to understand that it is okay to be uncomfortable and just shit like that. But we weren’t really putting our money where our mouths were. We were stoked. We thought it would just be one of those things people would go into and we would just post a couple of things, but people have been joining in. I’ve been talking to people in there that I have maybe said two sentences to. I’m making friends through it and I am growing. People are getting stuff off their chests. Obviously with Covid for someone to say that they are having a shit day a common response was we are all having a shit day, get over it. People have been so drowned out in this world we are in now, actually even before that. Hopefully it encourages people in a competitive way to grow but not in a way that says fuck you, you’re not good enough. More of a question ‘Are you happy as you can be?’

I wont let people drown me out anymore. I did that and lost my passion for something that I love doing. I was told I wasn’t good enough. So it’s a big fuck you to those people because I did something I was told I couldn’t do.

I’m a big believer in manifesting as well. If I want to do something I just tell myself I want to do it over and over.

We side tracked off topic yet again for some time! At this stage I’m not sure about who leads who off track in this interview ….. Me or Harry.

We are four individuals who have come to make this big scale thing that we believe in. It has little sprinkles of all of us in there.

Ben popped in for a little cameo and chat at this point.

Hey Ben, how are you?

Ben: Pretty good thanks.

Harry: Ben can only stay for one question. He’s busy getting everything ready for rehearsal tomorrow!!!!

Okay then, I guess you better quickly tell me what’s your favourite song off the EP?

Ben: ‘The Same Kind.’

Harry: Same

Ben: Is That what you said?

Harry: I haven’t been asked yet.

Ben: It’s track two and it has Merry from To Octavia on it. It’s pretty energetic, it has the most classical rock roots to it in terms of the actual sound of the guitars. At least melodically.

Harry: It makes you feel cool playing it.

I had it on in the car this morning and was having a bop while driving!

Ben: I love that song so much. I’m most excited to play that live for sure.

Harry: It won’t come out as a single. ‘The Same Kind’ and ‘Live Forever’ are both kind of very unique too. I think it is because the other songs have been written for so long compared to those two.

Ben: Yeah, I don’t like Mania as much because we have already played it live a couple of times. These songs have been around for so long that it’s hard to even gauge if they are actually even decent because we have heard them so much.

I can tell you they are!! They have been on loop quite a bit here since I got the EP.

Harry: I think the other thing too because we have played it live and it hasn’t been out, you see people nodding their head. But for it too now actually be out and for people to know it will be a whole different atmosphere. You cant really get into a song when you don’t know it.

Ben left us again at this stage.

So your favourite song is obviously the same one!

It’s funny that you asked our favourite song and we talked about the cameo, while Ben was making a cameo! We haven’t posted about who the cameo’s are yet. So we have Merry, he’s one of our best mates down here. We tossed up paying money for a big feature but given that this EP means so much to us, in the end we just thought lets get out mates in on it.  I think to, a big thing for us is that obviously we want to make something of ourselves but at the same time it’s important to us that our mates come up with us. If we do headline tours the first thing we are doing is getting our mates bands on it. We try and find new bands too because we like making new friends. I’m sure we have played some shows just so we can see our friends!!!!

The Rumours boys are some of the nicest legends around and now have one of the best EP’s of the year out. Get behind them by following their socials and streaming ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’

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