FFO: Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan, Harms Way.

The Adelaide music scene is alive and well with the newest band in town Scratch Lines just randomly dropping a 3 track EP ‘Trauma’ out of nowhere. If you are a fan of Knocked Loose then you need to get your ears around what this band is putting out.

I reached out to the band to find out who they are (because surprisingly I had no idea!!!) and what we can expect from them. So meet Josh and Heath, two parts of Scratch Lines.

Hey Guys thanks so much for having a chat with me. I have been trying to find out who you are for the last 24 hours with no success!!!

Both boys laughed!

Josh: Mysterious…

I found you guys through another page; someone had shared your Spotify link. I went off to listen and messaged my mate straight away telling him to get on and listen. I told him it was Australia’s answer to Knocked Loose!!!

Josh: That’s awesome to hear.

Heath: That’s what we were aiming for.

You nailed it.

I guess we better start at the beginning and share with us who you guys are.

Josh: I’ve been in a few local bands, nothing too big or quite this style. I actually played with two of the other guys Brad and Tim in another band. It was a lot different style wise to this band.

Heath: I’ve been playing in bands for 17 years or so. Probably the biggest band was Mara Jade. We toured interstate a bit, we got a few international supports and that kind of thing. We played with Norma Jean and Vanna. I was also in a band called Old Ghosts, we supported Slaves. I also filled in for Abandon All Hope for the last couple of shows, again a few of those shows were international supports. I’ve done a fair bit with my voice.

How did we end up at Scratch Lines?

Josh: In late 2019 I wrote some tracks which I sent to Tim, our drummer. He put drums down and then we bounced ideas and made adjustments and that’s how the music sort of began. In 2020 we added Brad on bass and then a bit later Heath joined us on vocals.

After listening to your EP ‘Trauma’ I am pretty excited to see you guys play live. I guess now it will be finding bands to fit with.

Josh: I think our style lends to playing with a few different genres. It could be hardcore, straight edge, metalcore, deathcore even probably death metal stuff we could sit in with as well.

Heath: Even with the crusty bands as well, we could sit in with them. People have been hitting us up already, even before we started playing. I’d show half a track to a mate and they would be like this is sick and he would pass it along to whoever and they would be come play a show!  I’d be like nope not just yet!

That’s cool because you kind of just “appeared” on Facebook, there was no ‘Hey we are coming’ it was just ‘Hey we are here’.

Heath: Zero hype. It was just like cool we’ve recorded, lets just get all the stuff together and just throw it out there and see what sticks.

Josh: Definitely. I think rather than creating hype I have always believed that, especially starting out, you let the music lay the foundation and the talking.

You’ve laid a pretty good foundation!  We have some amazing musicians here and  when I listened to Trauma the first time I was like ‘What the hell! This has come out of Adelaide; this is so cool.’ There are not a lot of bands with that sound here, even in Australia.

Josh: Yeah, and like I said we can sit in with a few different genres.

The songs off the EP – Hell is Home, Absolute Terror Field and Trauma. What can you tell us about them?

Heath: I like to leave the songs open to interpretation, obviously we haven’t published the lyrics at this stage, but for what people hear I guess its finding relatable ground. The first track Hell is Home is about getting a bit older and not seeing yourself where you were or what you expected to be. Absolute Terror Field, the idea of an absolute terror field is for people who are neuro-diverse and have some development issues, it sort of comes down to like a comfort zone. An absolute terror field is someone’s personal space, essentially as soon as that space is penetrated it causes feelings of absolute terror and discomfort. For people that are neuro-diverse it is the worst possible thing that could be. When there is too much audio sensory stuff going on they just break down. It was taking that idea and turning into a bit more of a broad spectrum. It’s that overwhelming sensory thing and how it messes with your psyche and your perspective on things, that kind of idea. ‘Trauma’ is all in the name basically, its broad spectrum in terms of a lot of people have a lot of inherent trauma from childhood or adulthood. It’s just delving into the stress of dealing with it, the anxiety you go through.  It just that kind of thing but in a metal way!

Do you have some more songs to release?

Josh: Definitely. These three tracks that we put out are just a starter. We have more tracks down and we are working on more to do another release. We aren’t to far off having enough to put together for more recording.

Do you guys do all that yourselves?

Josh: Yeah we did all the recording ourselves and then we got John McNicol at Twin Earth Studios to mix and master it for us. We learnt a lot to take into the next lot of recordings.

Apart from Knocked Loose who else influences you?

Josh: Jesus Piece, Kublai Khan, Harms Way and Knocked Loose – they are probably the main ones.

Heath: I guess musically and lyrically bands like Converge sit in that path, Every Time I Die has always been a pretty big influence as well in terms of lyrics, Keith Buckley’s lyrics are always pretty good. Honestly just bands on Deathwish (label), you know Doomriders, Cave In. Bands like Sumac, just big, big heavy bands that have a lot of substance. I love old school mathcore bands like Botch, Dillinger Escape Plan and all that kind of thing. The way that I sort of write lyrics is like a timing thing. I always time it to how the drums are played to accent certain hooks and things. That is just from playing in “mathy” type bands in the past.

I guess now I’ll have to keep my eye out for a gig!!

Heath: Yeah it will happen eventually.

Josh: Hopefully it’s not too far off. We are keen to play live.

You aren’t the only one Josh!! Go and sink your ears around ‘Trauma’ and hit up the bands socials.

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