If you like your music to have a tonne of heavy then you may want to jump on Seiran before they explode! With their new single The Void getting a lot of traction I caught up with vocalist Shintaro Kimura for a chat.

Hey Shin, how are you?

Really good. Excited for what is coming in the future!

First off your cover of Worldwide Suicide that you put up on the UNFD sight last year was so damn good.

I covered the In Heart’s Wake song because they had a competition and I mixed up the song with English and Japanese lyrics.

Just to clarify because I am a tad confused! Are you guys based here in Australia or in Tokyo?

I came back to Japan because of Covid. I was living in Melbourne and lost my jobs, and it was too hard to extend my visa. But I will be back! Everyone else is based in Melbourne.  It’s just me in Tokyo. I am from Hokkaido, which is in Northern Japan, but I have been living in Tokyo since I returned.

Thanks for clearing that up, I was sure were at Unify last year!

Yeah I was. I met so many people. I really miss that.

Hopefully by the time you return Unify will be back. Gigs are on the return so that is good.

Over here we are in what is called a State of Emergency. That can’t really do lock down here or force people to stay home. Your not really supposed to go outside or do gigs so they aren’t really happening at the moment. I think from May we are okay to start again. It seems much better in Australia now.

Ionei (Heckenberg) sent me your first single The Void and its so good. How did you guys end up working with him?

Zico the guitarist started Seiran. He is from Sale, so he knew Ionei before. Zico started this project about 5 years ago. He has been going to Ionei’s studio for a very long time. Seiran has had other members but they didn’t really work out. I met Zico two years ago at the Dealer show, I think it was 2019. He gave me a lift and played me his demo of The Void on the drive. It was amazing. He had so many songs: probably around 20. He has so many demos, I think its around 30 now.

So you definitely have enough for an EP!!

Yes. I recorded seven songs before I came back to Japan. We did it around lockdown because I knew I had to come back here.

At least you got to do that so that they can keep releasing songs. That was really smart. The Void is your first single, what is that about?

The song is about a toxic relationship that I had with my ex.

So Zico does the music, and you write the lyrics? Is it just the two of you in Seiran?

Mainly Zico and I. He does all the instrumental side and Ionei does the production side of it. They demo it and then I do the vocals. My English isn’t perfect and Ionei helps sometimes with the lyric side of things. I usually get the vocals and lyrics done and then we play with them once we get into the studio.

Do you write your lyrics in Japanese or in English?

It’s funny because sometimes its Japanese and sometimes its English. When I do them in Japanese I then have to translate them. I have Japanese lyrics for The Void, so I am hoping to record that. I really want to do that, it’s something that doesn’t seem to be done much. A lot of people seem to really like Japanese stuff, Alpha Wolf and Void of Vision. I feel that doing the song in Japanese would make for really cool content.

You got so much great feedback for the In Hearts Wake cover.

I was so surprised at that. It was really amazing. I also did a cover of  Spiritbox’s Holy Roller.

Will we eventually see you guys tour or play some live shows?

We are going to release an EP towards the end of this year and then I guess it depends on when I can return. I can’t come back to Australia until the border reopens so it’s looking more like next year. Until then we will use social media to build up a following.

I’d say that being in the UNFD social club and having your covers already up there will help you guys!

Yeah, I guess that helped a lot. I’m hoping to do some more covers.

Talking covers, who inspires you?

I have to say Crystal Lake for sure. I love Chester (Bennington), I really didn’t listen to heavy music until I listened to Linkin Park. Their music changed my life. Northlane, Architects and Oceans Ate Alaska. I really love their vocalist; he is one of my favourite singers in the scene. But Crystal Lake will always be top for me.  

Anything else you want to put out there?

I really didn’t expect the response we have gotten over such a short time. I genuinely appreciate everyone who has listened to The Void or watched the music video so far. I’ve been in a band before, but this is the first time for me to do something this big and I am so keen for the next single.

You’re not the only one Shin!! You can check out The Void below and hit the guys socials up so that you don’t miss the next single!!!

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