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Melbourne’s Some Heard Trouble have recently released their EP ‘Scorpion’ Cameron and I had a lengthy waffle about the album and a heap of other things….

First off let’s talk about Permanence

So Permanence is about Jarrad’s dad passing away. The other songs on the EP are more of a collaboration whereas this one we knew Jarrad had something to say. This song is a lot mellower than the other tracks. He showed his family a week or two ago and they couldn’t believe it. We thought Permanence would be the best track to release first.

So The High Horse isn’t on the EP?

Oh yeah it is (laughs). The whole EP was meant to be out in March. We had shows lined up and everything. We put The High Horse out and then the week after was when everything started going down. We put everything on hold. I forgot it was even out!!!

This is good content already!!!

Because of Covid we had to cancel so many shows, so I think I have blocked that time out of my mind. Take 2 …..

Finish telling me about Permanence and then we’ll move onto The High Horse!

It’s just a nicer song with a relatable topic. We are all in our later 20’s now, we are all getting to that stage of life where unfortunately you do start to lose people. It was cathartic for us all to work through as a band.

Now we’ll move on to that other song that you forgot that you released!

We wrote The High Horse in October 2019. We actually wrote it when everything was happening overseas with certain politicians.

From that big country???

Um not naming names…. We wrote it about that and then progressively here and overseas I think things are getting worse. So March came around and we put it out and it’s weirdly just as relevant know as it was a year ago, if not more. I have anxiety a lot, so politics is something that is always in the back of my mind. I had to get that one out because it was just eating away at me. Some of the news articles that we are getting nowadays are just crazy made up things.

Who are Some Heard Trouble?

Three of us used to be in a band together and that ended in about 2014. Jarrad moved to England for two years. We were still friends, but I think everyone just needed to have a break, we had been doing it for five years. Brodie and I got together, and we wrote a few songs. I sent some to Jarrod to ask for help, not necessarily to ask him to be in the band. We ended up sending stuff back and forth, so he was still in the UK when we were writing. As soon as he got back we just kept going. I got Josh, who I have been best friends with since kindergarten, on guitar because we had never been in a band together. If we aren’t in bands we still have songs bouncing back and forth for the sake of it. So Jarrod came back, we did two songs with Scottie Simpson and started from there and we haven’t stopped. We started in 2016 but we didn’t turn in to a proper project until 2018.

And now you have an EP with how many tracks?

Well we had a few false starts with some music and a few sound changes. There’s a five track, I’d call it more of a demo, that we did. But working with Scottie is our first proper attempt. I was nerding out about all the bands that he has worked with. The songs that have come out of his room are just crazy. What comes out of that room sounds huge and it’s just this tiny room. It shocks me how he does it. He is great to work with.

We played a few shows here and interstate just off the two tracks we had previously done with Scottie. We had a pretty solid idea for what we wanted to do, and we found the Loud Noise Estate (Evan Lee and Ash Daws) we booked in the dates. They record in two different rooms at once which was funny because some parts you do in one room get cut in the other room. You go back and forth between rooms. They were really cool because we had some ideas, like the saxophone in Scorpion, and Evan knew a guy, we had flamenco guitar in there too and Ash knew a guy. There were a lot of parts that were being added from other musicians after we had left. We didn’t want to have any boundaries in what we were creating, and we knew that we wanted to write very honest songs about things that we were going through. There wasn’t set themes, where Permanence is about Jarrod’s dad passing away. We went in purposefully not having a set theme for the EP.

Less pressure for you

And when you listen to an album that’s all just the one theme, like say political or around mental health, if you’re not in the mood to listen to that then you’re not going to put that album on. During lockdown we have written another three or four songs for our next EP. We were ready to go and record, but we got stuck in stage 4 lockdown again, but we are ready to go as soon as it is lifted!

I think there will be a few bands releasing a second EP before they have even had a chance to tour the previous one!

Everyone I talk to has been like, yeah we have written all this stuff and now we are writing again! I remember when this started we thought it would be like a month of lockdown. That’s why we just thought we’ll wait a month. We cancelled a music video and waited another two months, the reason it has taken so long to release is because we thought Covid would be over by now. The shows are going to be so great though once this has ended.

100% imagine the line-ups we are going to see!!!

We’ve already been talking to friends around what shows we want to do when gigs return.

The moment that border opens I’m on a plane. I don’t even care who the line-up is to be honest! We are lucky that we have gigs here, but they are all sit down still.

I have a friend in who is playing their first show back in Newcastle. It’s so weird because I would do anything to just go to any show.

Did you have local shows planned or a tour for the EP?

We did some shows in NSW with Father Deer Hand and we did a show in Newcastle where half of us are from. It was a big show, then a few days later we played in Sydney where they are from. We really wanted to do a run with them and that got cancelled. So we thought we would just do Melbourne shows. We had two shows here that I was really excited for, one got canned and the other one got pushed to September. We were pretty optimistic that it would go ahead, then that got cancelled too. That one was with Nidus at Stay Gold. Our last show was in February and I am so glad that we decided to slot that one in.

The last one I went to prior to Covid was The Brave, To Octavia and Bad/Love.

Bad/Love are killing it at the moment. I reckon they are gong to be huge.

Yeah I keep telling people that!

And you work with The Venom Collective?

Yeah. I went to Maddii and said I’ve got this EP, so I sent it to her. She’s listened to everything we have wanted and come through with everything we have wanted. Whenever I’ve asked Ralph (Brown) or Jake (Kershaw) and I mention Maddii they always tell me that we are in such safe hands. We only had the two tracks that we did with Scottie when we sent her Scorpion, she really listened and could tell if it was good or not.

I’ve sent stuff to people previously which I thought was decent for a local band, but to get replies, you can do everything right and still not get a reply. It’s nothing to do with the songs, its about the timing and who sees it. I have bands that I still listen to that put out a demo or a 5 track EP which I still listen to from 7 years ago. The best songs can be super unknown. Sometimes it’s super heart breaking to hear what bands could have made it, but I guess that is how it goes. But yeah Maddii has come through with us for everything. There are people like Maddii, Steve Cannatelli and the What We Did On The Weekend boys who are I feel are helping to carry the scene and not getting enough recognition, they deserve so much more.

100% they do. They all do stuff in the background that doesn’t always get talked about too.

Between you and everyone I said before that’s how we are meeting other bands. I don’t think they realise that it’s how we have been connecting with people. In a weird way they’re starting their own little community.

It’s good to be a part of that community

Jason does everyone, from small people to bigger people. That’s what I love about it. I remember he had someone big ???

Within Destruction

Yeah! And then he had a local band. We were on there before we had talked to Maddii. I asked him how we would go about it thinking there would be a whole process and he was like ‘Yeah alright this is the date’. We showed up, got drunk and had a chat. There’s no politics behind how he runs it which I think is the best thing.

He’ll never get sponsored!!! The Drastic Park one is still the funniest one for me.

Drastic Park, the content they are putting out, I think they have done the best release out of any band during lockdown. They are just popping up every week with something.

So what else have you been up to during Covid?

I started collecting vinyl during lockdown. After month 3 or 4 I thought I’m going to be a bit smarter! The first few months I got quite a lot of packages, the most random dumb records.

I had 3 turn up today. A quiet place to die, the AVVC Yours Truly variant and Agnes Manner.

I missed out on Agnes Manners. Hellions are my favourite band. I brought the guitar they used to record the first album off Matt, he let me sit and nerd out and ask him 100 different questions. I didn’t think the album would sell out and I am now kicking myself.

Anything else you want to say before we go?

I’d really like to shout out a thanks to Amy Mac from The Beautiful Monument for doing our video. Her and Counterpoint Media did a heap of photos for us. She’s an amazing artist and person.

Scorpion is out now on all platforms:

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