Cameron | Brodie | Joshua | Jarrad

Recorded with Evan Lee & Ash Daws – The Loud Noise Estate

Lyrics by Some Heard Trouble

Music by Jarrad Ferrier

Music Video by Amy Mac (The Beautiful Monument)

The only thing wrong with this debut EP is that it’s not long enough! Some Heard Trouble are doing things their own way and doing it well. Not afraid to explore and add elements in their musical journey that are not normally found in hardcore, what I got when I listened to ‘Scorpion’ was totally not what I was expecting. Four songs, each one so totally different from the other, it has left me eager to see what comes next from these guys.

“Changes and difference stand between us”

Opening with The Colour and The Shade, this song delves into the effects that society has on mental health due to dealing with people who are discriminatory. Distorted guitars, heavy hitting drumming and angry raw vocals assail your ears throughout this song hitting the meaning of the lyrics home. A surprise little interlude steps the fast paced tone down before the boys pick it up again.

“Is the devil in me (inside my heart, inside my soul) is he making these choices, I don’t know who I am”

Scorpion, the title track, is my stand out song on the EP. Not giving anything away, but the innovative elements included in this song are one of the things I am absolutely loving about this band. Add to that the amazing vocals of Georgia Galea (Everleigh) and I’m wondering why this wasn’t released as a single because damn its good.

“I’m holding you as you slip through the void and fall beneath”

Dealing with the death of a family member is an extremely hard thing to go through. Watching them slip away and the emotional turmoil it causes. Slowing the pace and showcasing another side of Some Heard Trouble, Permanence hits hard. Melodic, mournful, and heartbreakingly beautiful verses blend with a raw, angry chorus to make this song something special.

“Step outside, look alive, rearrange, Step outside, look alive, make a change (make a change)” 

The High Horse is a call to arms to make a change in the world because as the band says, ‘you don’t need to an expert in politics to know the difference between right and wrong’.  Sonically this is exactly what I was expecting to hear when I listened to ‘Scorpion’.

For a debut EP Some Heard Trouble have given us a lot to digest and showcased just how versatile they are. Make sure you go and follow their social’s so that you don’t miss this when it drops because you definitely won’t be disappointed.

‘Scorpion’ is out on all platforms on 9th October

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