Being the lead singer and being late may find you getting replaced by your band if the new Stepson video is anything to go by. The bands latest clip is for their new single ‘Who Are We’ and I think this song cements exactly who they are. The single is off the boys forthcoming album ‘Help Me Help You’ which is out Friday March 26th,. The debut album for the band was produced, mixed and mastered by Callan Orr of Avalanche Studios (Dream On Dreamer, Young Lions, Hands Like Houses).

On the new single ‘Who Are We’, Stepson vocalist Brock Alan Conry said that “As a band with a broad spectrum of musical influences we really wanted to explore every sound and style that makes us who we are. We were determined to create a record where every song sounded different and was a standout in its own right.”

“‘Who are we?’ is our punk rock anthem & captures a more upbeat and light-hearted side to the band. From the chorus that gets stuck in your head after one listen to the crazy drum fills, ‘Who are we?’ brings something new to the table whilst still remaining unapologetically Stepson.”

The album and album merch is available for pre-order with details at!


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