They said

I wanna be like you

But not so Medicated

And fucked up in the head

Frankston’s subcult today have released their second single ‘Medicated’ This young band are going places and ‘Medicated’ for me has just stamped their place in the pop punk/alternative scene that little bit more. A fast paced upbeat sounding song with a serious message around self-medication. For such a young band these guys are instrumentally tight and Alexia’s vocals are up there with the best of the female singers around at the moment.

 “The line ‘I’m so f*cked up, I f*cked up.’ is about realising how ‘f*cked up in the head’ you really are.” lead singer Alexia explains. “Medicated is about self-medicating and the ways that people get through everyday life.” 

I’m sure that line is going to take on an anthem like quality at their gigs!

If you’re a fan of Yours Truly, Terra or Closure go and spin ‘Medicated’

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