Beau – Vocals

Andy James – drums

Jack Gardener – Guitar

Luke Woollett – Bass.

Brisbane’s newest prog/heavy outfit The Atomic Beau Project released their latest single today. It took me till this afternoon to get to this and did I kick myself when I did. Just putting it out there right now, if this is what we can expect from these guys then hold on to your seats because they are going to blow up. I love anything that is just that little bit different and Cellar Door delivers that and more. From the bewitching vocals of Beau to the labyrinth of the instrumentals, twisting and turning, I forgot I had other things to do and have spent a fair amount of the afternoon jamming this.

Diving in to the occult and supernatural to create the song lead vocalist Beau says “Cellar Door shows off our progression into prog/metal. The song itself is an attempt to portray a horror-movie/supernatural version of 50 Shades of Grey. In the clip, we show a woman in control & needs satisfaction from going out, taking victims, dragging them down into a dark place – the supernatural, and raising them from the dead to be her minions. She desires their life and control over their being. It is intended to be reflective of what men do in positions of power!

The accompanying video clip is superb. Dark and ominous it was Produced/Directed by Andy James, with Artistic Direction by the band themselves, with Max Van Heusden as Director of Photography and Costumes and Set Design by Cindy Vogels.

If you do one thing today go and watch the video to Cellar Door and jump all over The Atomic Beau Project’s socials because I don’t think you are going to want to miss anything they do…..

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