There’s concept bands and then there is The Gloom in The Corner. For the last three years I’ve been following these guys and trying to get my head around the storyline they have told through their music. I recently read Mikey’s ‘The Section Dimension’ a document to help explain the story line to fans. To read the line “I’m here to fill in all the blanks so everyone gets what the fuck is actually going on ” made me realise I am probably not the only person that is confused as fuck!!!

To finish off the arc and tie everything together Gloom are releasing three singles. The first two Violence and Warfare have already been released. We are just waiting for the final missing piece, which Gloom have nicknamed “Rec”, to drop which is said to have a plot twist we won’t see coming!!

Mikey and I had a catch up and I was finally able to ask some of those questions that have driven me nuts!!!

Okay so I’ve read “The Section Dimension’. Thank you for that because for 3 years I’ve struggled to get my head around the story!!! Mind you I’m still confused just not as much lol.

Even after that people are still confused so it’s okay if you have any questions.

Every time I think I have a grip on it, I’m like actually no maybe I don’t….

So Warfare and Violence.


And then one more to come

Mmmmm one more to finish off that arc.

Then that will be it? You’ll go onto a different story line?

It’s still going to follow the same universe but not the same characters. There will be a few recurring characters that come back but they are more so side characters more than anything else. The main players in the current arc are very much done after this last single.

Well I guess that blows my thought out the window. Guess Rachel’s not coming back then is she?

Oh well depends on where we go… (laughs)

I always say there’s concept albums and then there’s The Gloom In The Corner because this story has gone on for so long and over so many EP’s. How does your brain work???

Basically at a million miles a minute just trying to come up with everything. I like to think that I plan things out somewhat methodically. That methodism, for lack of a better term, will either got to plan or it wont go to plan. To put it into perspective the Fear Me arc was just meant to be Fear Me by itself and then we move onto the next arc. It kind of just snowballed into the two or three more releases. I adapt it to where we can because it is such a broad universe and because music is kind of like one singular vessel if that makes sense. I kind of have the freedom to do whatever, to put it bluntly, whatever the fuck I want.

We are working on the next arc already, but we weren’t meant to start officially working on it. And that was meant to be the next roll out before these three singles came along. We were like do we need a little bit more of a push before we move into the next arc. We were like yeah we can finalise the Fear Me arc properly and we can spin it in a way that will make it work for the next arc as well.  

So there will be more people going what the fuck is happening!

Yeah pretty much. With the finalisation of the Fear Me arc going, we can edit the document and say this is everything you need to know about this arc. You can listen through the music if you want but if you listen through and you are still confused then at least you have literally everything here on the table. We’re not adding to this arc, we’re not taking away from this arc everything is on the table now. You can read through ‘The Section Dimension’ while you listen.

The best way to do it is start from the beginning, but you can start at whatever point you feel most comfortable which is why we have that playlist that puts all the songs in some what of an order. I think there is around 40 songs in the list now and they have been put in the proper order that they are told in the story, at least timeline wise. From year to year if that makes sense.

Yeah it does. So how long is the timeline?

To be quite literal the new song Warfare is set in biblical times so if we want to be really specific 2000 years. The actual arc itself is probably over the span of how long Gloom has been around for. So probably 4-5 years. Because Warfare technically happens at the same time as the last track.

It’s one of those things that will make a lot more sense once the last single comes out. As to how Warfare and “Rec” happen at the same time and how they both work together in conjunction.

We just need that missing piece! Your sound seems to have gotten a bit heavier too with these new releases

Oh yeah. I still think one of the heaviest songs that we have put out, if not the heaviest is still Bleed You Out from Flesh and Bones. I think Warfare has the heaviest breakdown but theoretically speaking I still think that Bleed is the heaviest song that we have. I don’t think we really go out thinking this is going to be the heaviest track that we have written. With that comes the expectation of it becoming the heaviest, and some people will think it is and other won’t. So out of the three tracks that we are releasing Warfare is probably the heaviest, but then that depends on what your definition of heavy is.

Now I have you on the phone, because I actually messaged Nic this when the single came out, have you put other sections of previous songs in Warfare?

I want to say yes because I like to do that, and I like to be really sneaky about it. I know the opening is like a super similar feel to one of the breakdowns in Bleed You Out. The verse riff after it we realised is super similar to the Villain breakdown. We recorded it and then went ‘Oh Shit’. We try to be sneaky about it and its all part of the story anyway.

Because these three singles are more stand-alone I wondered if this was your way of tying them in to the story.

“Rec” definitely has it. “Rec” has the Fear Me melody from The Funeral, Soul of Angels and I think it was in Walk as well. That melody is definitely in the track because “Rec” is the finale. It’s kind of like a theme song if that makes sense, so that’s why it is in it. There’s a few tracks on what we have written so far that have throw-back sections which are very obvious.

I love doing that little shit and I think we are one of the few bands that can kind of get away with it in that aspect because we do have the whole story. It’s like if we do have a throw back section it’s in reference to one character or one song.  That’s why I like to do it. Especially in “Rec”, now that the Fear Me arc is finishing, it’s fitting to have some of the melodies from that first record appear in the song.  But it’s going to be very more apparent in the new stuff.

Until I read ‘The Section Dimension’ I didn’t pick up in the older songs that you had used other names when introducing Sherlock.

Yeah. So Sherlock is one of the few characters that has multiple monikers to his name. It was kind of discussed in Warfare and in the little pre video we made for Warfare that built up the story.

As a quick run down for Warfare, its tells the story that Sherlock is actually a reincarnation of one of the big bad daddy Gloom back in biblical times.  He was one of his top lieutenants and it actually says in the video he has had many names in the past, but the one you guys know him as is Sherlock Bones. It’s reflective in the aspect that he doesn’t really know what his name is because he doesn’t have a full story behind him. At this point, or at least during Flesh and Bones, he is the epitome of all of Jay’s bad sides before he starts to grow his own personality and conscience. He doesn’t really have a name of his own and that’s why at least Sherlock Bones is the main name that he has now. Hence the names The Devil of the Sect, Fist of Doom, Devils Hellhound etc. When we first announced Sherlock back in 2018 we had a little segment at the Villain release show, which was a breakdown, but it was basically the build up to the breakdown was Sherlock saying I have gone by many names. I can’t remember what we encored with, but it was just a little live introduction to Sherlock where he openly states that he has gone by many names in the past but the one you will remember me as is Sherlock Bones. It’s probably because it’s the easiest and funniest to remember. Like Sherlock’s personality it’s meant to be a piss take. That’s the whole concept behind his name is just him taking the piss.

Okay now let’s see if I’ve got this right!! We first meet Jay and he’s in The Sect. Then Rachel is killed when Emily orders the hit on her. Ethan appears in Homecoming and subsequently dies. Flesh and Bones we get introduced to Sherlock.

Yes because Flesh and Bones is when Sherlock has his own personality and everything.

I’m actually going to go and listen to Warfare again closely and see if I can work out what this clue to the finale is!!

If you go onto our Facebook page there is three videos that came out before Warfare was announced. It’s a little text video that says everything. They pretty much cover the build up and the story of Warfare in a nutshell.

I’m sure I read that there is a clue in either Warfare or Violence that has a clue as to what the last song is going to reveal?

Yes that is correct. There is a clue as to what the last single will cover but I’m not going to give anything away!!

This whole concept of all the fans filling in that questionnaire and being allocated to either ‘The Sect’ “Redacted’ or “The Holy Order’, will that continue on into the next EP?

Well it kind of worked but it kind of didn’t do what we wanted, so many people ended up in ‘The Sect’.  

What does that tell you about your fans!!!

What it was meant to do was introduce Echo-Six. If you pay attention Echo-Six is the moniker for one of the other characters in the story. It was meant to introduce ‘The Holy Order’ because it’s the main faction talked about in Warfare, but they are also going to be a pivotal point in the next arc. Their leader Elias De Graver is also going to be a pivotal part in the next arc and that will be explained in the finale which is “Rec”.

It was meant to introduce the audience to him but it didn’t work because so many people got ‘The Sect’. (laughs) It was really weird because the Echo-Six one is dead in the middle. There was 11 questions and 10 of them count, there was one throw away question. If you got 50% right you would get the Echo-Six answer, if you got six of one or six of the other then you will get the other factions. I knew the one that would get the least amount would be Echo-Six because statistically not that many people are going to get dead on 50/50. It will either swing one way or the other. I was hoping we would get a nice even number and what ended up happening was 80% of people got ‘The Sect’ because they knew us, and they knew our storyline. They knew what to answer!!  Of the remaining 20%, 11% got Echo-Six and 9% got The Order. I was like “what?” We were just sitting there looking at the numbers thinking how the fuck did people get Echo-Six? This is not going according to plan at all. So The Order is now super niche because we have made it that you can’t retake the test once you’ve done it. For the people that did get the Holy Order I’m stoked that they got it because technically in my eyes that was supposed to be the answer that people got.

I thought wicked they are going to pit us all against each other, this is going to be fun

Yeah, then 10% of people got The Order and I thought this isn’t going to be a fair fight! I expected the majority to get The Sect but just not that big of a majority.

Congrats on getting a write up in Knotfest

Yes we did. That was super cool. Tim told us we were getting one done but we didn’t know about it until 2 day s before it happened. We were meant to post it the day before Warfare came out, but we didn’t take into consideration the fact that time differences would make a difference so Sept 3rd for them was actually the 4th for us which was the same day.

Congratulations also for getting on the Featured X roster.

How that came about was Jeff (Menig) is like our American manager. So he’s helping us out with everything on our side of things, like getting us over there etc. He introduced us to Tuck (O’Leary) which was super, super cool because I’ve been a fan of Fit For A King for a long time.

I nearly died because I thought Jeff was going to be answering my questions and they came back answered by Tuck!

The way I got into FFAK was because of Tuck’s vocals.

 I’m one of those people that is really bad to putting names to faces and we had a meeting with Jeff and Tuck. I didn’t realise it was him until about halfway through the meeting. The night before the meeting I saw that Tuck had put out a tweet that just said The Gloom In The Corner and I thought that’s cool. Then we had the meeting the next day and Jeff had just rolled into Zoom with this random guy with a bald head and a big, long beard!! I get half way through the meeting and I was like Oh Shit…..  I started nonchalantly doing stuff in the background because I was trying not to freak out. Matt got to the end of the call and he was like you were really quiet and really secluded that whole time. I said, “Dog it’s because I’m trying not to freak the fuck out” (laughs). I was sitting there like OMG you’re this dude, this is fucking weird.

Big fan girl moment!!!

Bit like me! Interviewing Mikey to pick his brain about the whole Gloom storyline has been up there on my bucket list since forever. Not sure if I have a better grip on the story now or not but I know that I am super keen for this last single to drop. I also can’t wait until the next arc starts so I can go through the confusion again!!!

If you haven’t ever been able to understand the story see below where I have added Gloom’s chronological playlist and the link for ‘The Section Dimension’

Warfare is out now on all platforms

‘The Section Dimension’ :

The Chronological Spotify Playlist:

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