Like most band members, music is their life. Brisbane’s The Lost Knights are no different. They’ve been a band for 7 years now – and have given it their all in the hopes that one day they may achieve their dreams!

Their new single and video Paper Skies, is their tongue in cheek single written in frustration about the fact that their dreams and the dreams of thousands of other musicians the world over, may never come to fruition.

The lyrics hover around the band’s frustrated mindset, take the piss out of themselves a little and echo sentiments felt and heard all around the world.

Songs take mountains of effort but they’re a drop in the ocean that is billions of unheard worldwide music releases. This song takes a trip down memory lane and we reminisce about our failed & separated previous bands and their respective band members who have said goodbye along the way. Finally, we want to acknowledge the heart-felt songs written by aspiring musicians who desperately want the world to hear their stories.

This new single was written and performed by The Lost Knights and co-written, produced, recorded & mixed by Jackson Deasy at Dark Polar Collective and was mastered by Matthew Gray Mastering. The slick and hilarious video was directed, filmed & edited by Jackson Deasy at Dark Polar Collective.

Over their time as a band, The Lost Knights have performed alongside artists such as This Wild LifeAwaken I AmThe ComfortThe Getaway PlanYoung LionsFar Away StablesStatesideSlavesAgainst The CurrentSecretsSkillet and Valhalore.

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