Well that was an emotion packed 20 minutes! These Four Walls have quietly released an EP Alternate Futures today with an acoustic remix of Before I’m Gone and 3 previously unreleased B-side tracks from their latest album ‘This Is Not A Future’

I love these guys and anything they do just does things to me. The acoustic version of Before I’m Gone is no exception. Then we are treated to the 3 new B-side tracks that I’m stoked have been released!  Q & A actually had me in tears. A perfect balance of heavy and melodic, the line ‘Nothing is impossible’ resonated. The vocals on this just brought up so many emotions in me after what has been a tough few months. Awake and the watery eyes continued. There is something so emotionally charged in the way these guys write and execute songs. Different Spaces is a beautifully crafted song and the tears kept coming.

If you haven’t listened to These Four Walls please go and do it. They are such an underrated band that are seriously fantastic musicians.

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