Tim Bishop – Vocals

Scott Mcdonagh – Guitar

Jesse Gillespie – Bass

Kye Williams – Guitar

Glen Brouwers – Drums

Describing themselves as a heavy band fusing elements of groove, hardcore and metal Adelaide’s Those Left Behind have just released their self-titled debut EP.  Comprising of three songs this EP gives us a taste of what hopefully is to come from these guys.

Running in circles and feeling the cycle start again

Over and over I just wanna live again

I don’t trust my own thoughts and hate this within me

I can’t give up or this monster will kill me

The Dark Passenger has an almost Alice in Chains/Periphery vibe with Tim’s vocals having a real Jonathon Davis (Korn) sound to them in places. It’s dark and haunting which fits the theme of the song. Not liking yourself and the person you have become due to addiction. How your life is completely upended struggling to fight that addiction. Fighting those two sides to yourself while trying to reclaim your life and the setbacks that you have to endure to get there.

You are

My saviour             

You saw the light

That was within


Cross to Bear is a slightly heavier riff filled look at how there is always that one person that can still see the goodness in you even at your worse. How their love gives you the strength to battle your demons.

All these flaws

All this shame

In my name

I curse myself

When I came to Push To Self-Destruct I had to reach out to Tim to find out more about the song. I had shortened the name of the song on my note pad to PTSD. Immediately wondering if this was a hidden message in the title. Tim’s response was “Wow I never realised that, fuck! No it’s not deliberate but given the lyrics I can see why one might think that because it’s about being on the edge of destroying yourself and trying to purge that out. It’s actually quite a violent song that I wrote when I was going through a rough time and just as much of me wanted to destroy everything and wanted to save everyone. I was self-harming and having a lot of personal issues at the time which is why that song and The Dark Passenger are both so messed up.’

This is a heavy hitting debut EP. The tracks are dark and thought provoking. Tim’s vocals are hauntingly heavy and raw. The band are doing things musically their own way by melding genres which I am all for!

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