The calibre of bands coming out of Australia at the moment continues to amaze me. The latest is Melbourne metalcore outfit Tides Collide. These guys set to release their self titled EP on the 6th June and after listening to the first two singles off it I’m excited. My first thought when listening to the latest single Not the End was how the hell have I slept on this band!! After some research I discovered I hadn’t…..

First off guys I am loving Not the End!

Thanks so much!

How did you guys come together as a band?

Tom (Vocalist) and Angus (Drummer) were actually in a previous band together that didn’t work out due to creative differences. They set off together to create a new project in early 2018, and welcomed Justin (Guitarist) to the group in September that year from a Melbourne ad. Later down the track, Jared (Bassist) joined through a Facebook connection and we started playing our first gigs at Whole Lotta Love, Bombay Rock and most recently, The Tote! We finished recording our debut 6 track EP last year with Monolith and Earthtide Studios and have finally gotten to releasing it after some challenges and roadblocks along the way!

Tell me about your latest single “Not the End”

The writing process for this song involved a lot of collaboration and bouncing ideas off each other, and we built the song up piece by piece and tried to incorporate a bit of everybody’s talents into the final structure and sound. We wanted to showcase our musical and songwriting diversity and the song itself is definitely an exciting roller coaster both sonically and narratively.

Not the End carries an immense amount of emotion for us. A friend of ours had passed away suddenly, leaving us in shock and disbelief. This song explores the plethora of emotions surrounding loss and death and who we become as a result of the grieving process. Lyrically, we wanted to juxtapose both the sorrow felt through loss and the hope gained through healing.

‘Not the End’ was produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Themelco from Monolith Studios and co-produced by Zak Knight of Earthtide Studios alongside our other 5 songs off the EP. Both Chris and Zak have amazing ears and had an endless amount of ideas for this single and this EP as a whole.  Our music video for ‘Not the End’ was directed and produced by Daniel Ramsay of Ten of Swords Media Collective and during that process we learned a lot about script writing and how to visually convey the ideas presented in our music.

Your self titled EP drops soon. How was the experience for you all ? Obviously plans that you may have had for release would have changed too?

The debut self titled EP comes out on the 6th of June 2020!

We’ve been hard at work for the past few months working on and planning a release strategy. Throughout the whole process, we’ve all definitely learned a whole lot about promotion, marketing and networking, and it’s been an exhausting but highly rewarding process for us to release this project independently!

The COVID- 19 situation has definitely impacted our ability to obtain word-of-mouth promotion, as people are not going out to gigs and socialising in the scene. Other than that, we were pretty lucky to have everything recorded and filmed before total lockdown! We are also really grateful to be launching at a time where digital press had the down time to check us out.

On recording the EP: 

Angus: The drums were tracked first out of everything in this EP, and I worked extensively with Zak over the course of a long and challenging week to record them. I was definitely drained by the end of it all but Zak was great at directing and motivating me and I learnt so much from the whole process.

Justin: Tracking guitars with Chris was really insightful and I definitely picked up a lot of composition techniques from him. I also tracked clean vocals with Zak and in the process learned how to push my vocal range without becoming too fatigued.

Jared: I tracked bass with Chris and vocals with Zak, and being able to contribute in a significant way and showcase my skills in the vocal harmonies, backing and gang vocals was a highlight of the whole process. Chris opened my eyes to bass tones and taught me the importance of space and pacing.

Tom: Vocals were the last to be tracked, and the process was no easy task for me. Consecutive full days of screaming inside a small booth was exhausting, and after our vocal sessions, I’d fall asleep almost immediately. There were some challenges along the way but Zak made the entire process really smooth.

As an ocean lover your name caught my attention. How did that originate?

Our band name originated from a couple of arduous post-it note word clouds in the rehearsal studio, where we threw around words and themes from songs and albums we were inspired by. Tides Collide was actually one of the first names that materialised from these sessions, but we didn’t end up coming around to it until we went through a few other potential band names. Some of the names that we were close to calling ourselves were Ethereal and Dovetail, but ultimately Tides Collide just clicked and we thought it was a great representation of our diverse background and musical style as well as simply rolling off the tongue well!

I can guarantee that Tides Collide will be rolling off tongues for awhile!



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