After Melbourne’s To Octavia released their groove laden track ‘They Tell Me They’re With Me’ in early 2020 I felt for sure that it was going to be their year. I saw them live when they supported The Brave, Sleep Talk and Bad/Love and was blown away. Then Covid hit…..

But….. they are back!!

‘The Sound Of Rain’ is just as, if not more, groove filled than TTMTWM. I love how To Octavia’s sound simultaneously makes you want to dance and mosh which isn’t a bad dilemma to have if I’m honest.

But wait there is more…..

The band have also announced their sophomore EP ‘Somewhere in a World, Not of the Dream’ which will hit our ears on Friday 16th July.

A shift in the line-up and some time away to perfect their craft has culminated in the bands punchiest release to date. Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker), the track explores the turmoil involved in ending a co-dependent relationship and how hard it can be on both parties to try and move on.

Colin Jeffs joined the team for the music video, filming directing and editing the visuals with added assistance by Jackson BentleyTy Van Haren and Ed Bellamy. The music clip takes place across an eclectic array of locations, from an empty arcade and a bowling alley to a room comprised of neon lights, winding vines and a bath tub filled with plastic balls – perfectly capturing the bands eccentric and diverse persona.

Having recently wrapped up a couple of support shows with Thornhill and Bloom, To Octavia have accompanied the brand new single with the announcement of their own headline show to celebrate the single release and to showcase their new sound. Inertia and The Last Martyr will play support for the band at Cherry Bar on Friday June 4. Tickets here!

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