TOP 20 Australian EP’s 2020

Anyone that knows me will not be at all surprised by my number one EP for the year is The Gloom In The Corner’s Ultima Pluvia. Picking 10 is shit because there was so much good music released this year so I am giving you my Top 20 instead. So many more missed out and I am so sorry for that 😦

Special mention to Growth on their EP ‘The Smothering Arms of Mercy’

The Gloom In The Corner – Ultima Pluvia

Dweller – White Rabbit

Reins – What Keeps Me Here

Inhibitor – Abhorrence

Alt. – Dysfunctional

Agapanther – Overdue

Wake The Blind – Broken Casket

Diamond Construct – DCX2

Tides Collide – Tides Collide

Bloom – In Passing

Without Belief – A Parting Gift

Drastic Park – Last World

Make Way For Man – Rites

Lune – Ghost

Earthbound – Evergreen

Flagstaff – Thanks For Coming

Jack Longo – I Will Ruin Myself

Vilify – Clarity

Inertia – Connexion

Lightsmith – The Ether


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